Midtown Redevelopment District No. 1 Advisory Board

Created by Resolution No. 11,637 (December 2, 2003). Pursuant to Amendment 78 of the Arkansas Constitution and Act 1197 of 2001, of the General Assembly of Arkansas, the City of Little Rock Adopted Ordinance No. 18,843 (March 18, 2003) establishing the Midtown Redevelopment District No.1.
TERM: Three (3) years
MEMBERS: Seven (7)
DUTIES: To facilitate the prevention or elimination of deterioration of real properties and improvements thereon particularly located within the boundaries of the District and the loss of employment and other economic benefits that accompany such conditions.

The Advisory Board shall be composed of parties in interest to represent the District, its real property owners and the City in planning, developing, financing and effecting a plan of redevelopment for the area by presentation and recommendation to the official or employee designated by the City to effectuate the District’s objectives.

The boundaries of the District include all parcels within the area bounded by Interstate 630 on the south and Father Tribou Street to the north from McKinley Street on the west to University Avenue on the east; as well as the area bounded by Lee Avenue on the north and Markham Street on the south from University Avenue east to Filmore Street on the east.
Members are appointed by the Mayor and Little Rock City Board of Directors after written qualifications are received in response to a public notice that has been published by the City once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks. The Board shall consist of the following:

Four (4) Owners or duly authorized representatives of owners of commercial property within the boundaries
One (1) at-large Representative
One (1) Resident of property within two (2) straight line miles of the boundaries
One (1) Representative of the Little Rock Planning Commission
Friday morning at 8:30, as set annually by the Advisory Board
Sister Cities Conference Room - Little Rock City Hall
CONTACT: Walter Malone, Planning Manager
Planning & Development Department
723 West Markham Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
(501) 371-6819

Current Members

Keith Cox
(LR Planning Commission Rep.)
Term Expires: 3-31-2021

Kirk Meyers
(Residential Representative)
Term Expires: 3-31-2022

Kelly Newberg
(Commercial Property Representative)
Term Expires: 3-31-2019

Jet Ricks
(Business Representative - JVRC, LLC)
Term Expires: 3-31-2022

Shalonda Riley
Term Expires: 3-31-2022

Justin Wittenberg
(Commercial Property Representative)
Term Expires:  3-31-2020

City Director Kathy Webb
(Board of Directors Liaison)
Term Expires: 12-31-2020