Non-Moving Violations

Non-Moving offenses are violations of motor vehicle equipment or documentation. By providing proof or correction, it is possible to have the charge dismissed and/or the fine reduced.

No Court Appearance Required: The following are violations that might be eligible for a reduced fine and/or a dismissal with proof or correction:

  • No Driver’s License or Expired Driver’s License (Obtain or renew D.L.)
  • No Vehicle Registration or Expired Vehicle Registration (Obtain or renew registration)
  • No Insurance or No Proof of Insurance (Proof that you had insurance at the time ticket issued)

You have to bring proof or correction to the Traffic Court Clerk’s office. This cannot be taken care of on the phone.

Mandatory Court is required for the following charges:

  • Driving on a Suspended License/Driving While License Suspended for DWI
  • No Driver’s License – 3rd Offense and Up
  • No Insurance – 3rd Offense and Up
  • No Driver’s License and No Insurance on Same Ticket
  • No Insurance with Personal Injury Accident
  • False Evidence of Title