City of Little Rock Recycling Contract

The Basics: 

Recycling services are provided to Little Rock residents through a contract with Waste Management. In 2012 the City of Little Rock partnered with North Little Rock and Sherwood on a seven (7) year recycling contract. On April 1st, 2019 our recycling contract will be extended for two (2) years until March 31st, 2021.

Changes starting April 1st, 2019:

  • Glass will no longer be allowed in your recycle cart. Learn more about glass.
  • The monthly cost for recycling will increase to $4.14. The recycling fee is included with the Solid Waste fee on the monthly UBS/water bill. 

Who is covered under the recycling contract? 

  • single-family houses 
  • duplexes
  • triplexes (3 unit dwellings)
  • quadplexes (4 unit dwellings) 

City Rules about Recycling Carts: 

  • Recycling pick-up will be in the same location your garbage is picked up.  For example, if your trash is picked up in the alley, recycling will be picked up in the alley. 
  • Please allow for a minimum of three (3) feet between the trash cart and recycling cart. (Ord. No. 20,562, § 2, 3-27-12)
  • Recycling containers should not be placed out for collection prior to 4:00 p.m. the day preceding the normal collection day. Recycling containers should be removed by midnight the day of completion of recycling collection. (Ord. No. 20,562, § 5, 3-27-12)

Why are there changes to recycling? 

The recycling landscape in the United States changed dramatically in 2018. Starting in 2018 China implemented the Green Sword which effectively ended all U.S. recycling exports to China. This new policy created a cascade of changes that have made it more difficult for companies that collect and sort recyclables to find a home for the recycling products they collect. High rates of contamination were one of the primary causes of the Green Sword and is the primary challenge facing the recycling market right now. Learn how to keep your recycling clean on our Accepted Materials webpage.  

The Board of Directors voted to approve a rate increase for the recycling program on October 1st, 2018; you can watch that board meeting here.  You can read a Democrat Gazette article about the recycling contract changes by clicking here