Missed Recycling Pick-up 

If your recycling was missed on your pick-up day it could be because of a few reasons. 

1) Your recycling cart could have been blocked, to far from the road, or to close to another cart or object. 

2) Your recycling cart could have materials in it that are not accepted in our recycling program and thus contaminate our recycling. If so the Waste Management truck driver should have put a tag on your cart identifying that the cart is contaminated. 

3) Your recycling cart or your entire street could have simply been missed by the Waste Management recycling truck drivers. 

If your recycling cart has not been picked up by 5 p.m. on your pick-up day and you've made sure there are no contaminants in the cart, please use 311 to report a missed recycling pick-up. You may leave your recycling cart at the curb until it is picked up. 

You can access 311 by calling (3-1-1) anytime between 7:30 and 5:00, by submitting a 311 request online using the 311 website, or by submitting a 311 request on your phone's 311 app. 

*You can now contact 311 by emailing them at LittleRock311Service@littlerock.gov!

Missing Cart 

Sometimes recycling carts accidentally fall into the recycling truck when they are being emptied. If your recycling cart goes missing on your pick up day you can request a replacement cart by submitting a 311 request. Submit a "recycling cart issue" request and select "need replacement cart." 

Other Issues 

If you are having any other issues with your recycling please give us a call at 501-371-4586. You can also send us an email at recycle@littlerock.gov