Dine Out Little Rock

Dine Out Little Rock

The City of Little Rock continues its efforts to assist local businesses recovering from the economic impact of COVID-19. Restaurants, bars, and clubs are returning to in-person service but must contend with health guidelines that have reduced indoor and outdoor seating to 33% of total capacity. For most, it is impossible to increase indoor capacity, but this initiative will allow these businesses a fast-track, no-cost way to add seating outdoors.

Working with Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control, the City of Little Rock is offering the opportunity to add temporary outdoor seating without entering into a franchise agreement with the City or paying a fee. Beginning this week, outdoor seating may be established or expanded on a temporary basis while Arkansas’s COVID-19 Emergency Declaration is in place and restaurant indoor seating is restricted per Arkansas Department of Health directives.

Legal Authorization State Law reference— Authority to legislate on matters pertaining to municipal affairs, A.C.A. § 14-43-601 et seq.; general authority relative to streets and sidewalks, A.C.A. §§ 14-54-104, 14-54-601 et seq.


A request for temporary outdoor seating, as referred to in this procedure, shall be considered a request by an adjacent property owner (or the owner’s legal agent) for authorization to use a part of the public owned right-of-way or other adjacent property such as a parking lot or landscaped area for temporary seating. Applicants are directed to cooperate with landlords AND commercial/residential neighbors, where applicable, to identify sidewalk, parking lot, or lawn areas that could be used for expanded seating and to ensure neighbors are not disturbed by increased outdoor activity. Safety of patrons and employees must take precedence over all other considerations, and as with inside, seating shall be adjusted to maintain ten-foot physical distancing between tables so occupied seats are six feet from seats at adjacent tables. These outdoor service areas will be clearly defined by temporary fences, walls or barriers that will constitute a recognized boundary and a 5” X 7” sign, stating “NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES BEYOND THIS POINT.” These barriers can be composed of flag line, rope or another “temporary” barrier, but must remain while the service area is in place. All Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) rules governing outdoor service areas, not explicitly addressed herein, shall remain in effect as well as all Arkansas Department of Health Directives. These temporary outdoor seating areas should not, in any way, obstruct or impede access required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. All required federal, state and local provisions of the ADA will be observed and maintained.

The applicant is encouraged to make any necessary investigation or inquiry about the advisability of obtaining additional insurance or bonding for this permitted activity.

Procedure Submit one (1) copy of each of the following:

1. Temporary outdoor seating application complete with requested information, including the legal street address of the restaurant/bar/nightclub.

2. A simple explanation of location and size of the area as well as the anticipated number of tables and seats.

3. Attach an 8½ x 11 sheet of paper with a simple drawing of the proposed seating area. Drawing is not required to be to scale, but should include all elements of the installation, rough dimensions and distance from streets, roadways or driveways.


All requests for temporary outdoor seating will be received by the Public Works Department which will determine if the appropriate documentation has been submitted. Additional information may be requested if necessary. Seating Area Approval: Once approved, an “Outdoor Seating Acknowledgement” letter will be provided or sent. Please sign and return within 30 days from date of letter. Processing time is approximately 3 working days from the date the request is received. When the City has approved the application, it will forward it, as required, to the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Should you have any questions concerning any part of the application, please call Vince Floriani 371-4817.

Terms of Application

Should this seating area be granted, it is understood that the City of Little Rock assumes no responsibility to maintain the installation or to replace any installation damaged or destroyed by Utility or City crews in their routine maintenance work. Also, the City assumes no responsibility should injury be inflicted on any one as a result of the presence or installation of the franchised item.

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