Mayor’s Tourism Commission

The Mayor’s Tourism Commission is a group of volunteers appointed by the Mayor who seek new and diverse ways to promote tourism in Little Rock with a focus on the arts, cultural activities, festivals, sporting events and competitions. In 2009, the Commission was instrumental in attracting the Real Deal in the Rock Basketball tournament to our City, which brings in more than 400 basketball teams from around the country. In 2010, the Commission unveiled its Arkansas River Trail Garden Program where local businesses have enhanced the attractiveness of the trail with landscaping improvements and regular maintenance. The Commission has also authored a brochure of the Top 12 things to do while visiting Little Rock and developed a restaurant guidebook by location in various neighborhoods of the city. If you would like to join this Commission or to learn more about it, contact Starla Frazier at (501) 371-4510.


David Bazzel                Susan Meadors
Richard Bearden  Carolyn Newbern
Sheila Bronfman  Constance Sarto
Jana Cohen  Steve Stephens
Wayne Cranford  Charles Stewart
Don Erbach  Tom Strickland
Gabe Holmstrom  Breda Turner
Ivan Hudson  Vicki Vowell
Cary Martin  John Mayner
Molly McGowan  Libby Lloyd

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