Racial and Cultural Diversity Commission

The Racial and Cultural Diversity Commission’s logo is itself a beacon of hope. Its significance speaks to the importance of unity among our different cultures and races.

At the core, we are all part of the same human family. From that core, we separate into many directions of diversity, each being of equal value. That diversity then feeds back into the center, giving us strength and richness, thus the arrows simultaneously flows inward and radiates outward.

The colors of the logo red, which signifies conflict fades to purple, which reflects the awakening of the possibilities for resolution. Finally, the hues blend to the point of calmness and final resolution by shades of blue.


The Little Rock Racial and Cultural Diversity commission has the full-time mission of promoting equal opportunity and the full exercise of civil rights for all citizens of the City. It is committed to dismantling racism and reducing prejudice within the City through modeling, education, and policy development and celebration. (Ordinance No. 17,665)

Little Rock Racial and Cultural Diversity commission