Sharing BikePed Trails with Other Users

Share BikePed Trails

Advise for coexisting with other trail users (click the picture).

BikePed trails, like the Arkansas River Trail, are a great local resource and are heavily used by many different types of users.  How can rollerbladers, dog walkers, joggers, children, families with strollers, joggers, bicyclists and walkers all safely and comfortably all use the same space?  The Arkansas River Trail has its own trail etiquette and the Rails to Trails Conservancy has some good general advice:

1) Use safe speeds

2) Keep right, pass left

3) Standing still? Stand aside

4) Mind your pets

5) Be alert

6) Know and follow the rules

Check out their short videos below

1) Use Safe Speeds

For more information about using safe speeds on BikePed trails, click here.

2) Keep right, pass left

For more information on safely passing other users on a BikePed trail, click here.

3) Standing Still?  Stand Aside.

For more information about yielding space to mobile trail users, click here.

4) Mind Your Pets

For more information about pet stewardship on a BikePed trail, click here.

5) Be Alert

For more information about mindfulness of other BikePed trail users, click here.

6) Know and Follow the Rules

For more information about consideration of local trail rules, click here.

For rules for the Arkansas River Trail, click here.

For rules in City of Little Rock parks, click here.