Bike Parking

Biking, especially biking for transportation, requires secure parking close to destinations.  With a notable exception in the SOMA neighborhood, creating a network of bike parking is an important opportunity to encourage bike transportation.  The League of American Bicyclists (LAB) identified improving bike parking as one of six key recommendations for Little Rock in 2016.

Progress Since 2016

Unfortunately, our bike parking network has not significantly improved since 2016.  However, in response to LAB recommendations, we have begun several initiatives that should see dramatic improvement to our bike parking network by 2024.


Gotcha bikeshare will launch in Summer 2020.  The system will initially have ~25 stations (bike corrals) within the focal area (downtown Little Rock and SOMA) and will expand in future phases.  Station locations will be carefully considered both to make each as close to important destinations as possible


The City has worked with Gotcha to maximize the program's impact on bike