2019-2021 Infrastructure Requests

Every three years, Little Rock residents, City staff, and elected officials consider how best to spend Sales Tax and Bond infrastructure dollars.  We are beginning that discussion by asking Little Rock residents to submit requests for infrastructure projects you would like to see completed.  Of course there are many worthy road and sewer projects needing attention.  However, a case can be made for bicycle and pedestrian accommodations receiving a disproportionate share of funding in this (2019-2021) funding cycle.


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Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure Ideas

The Infrastructure Request process is intended to help the City understand which infrastructure projects are important to Little Rock residents.  But what if a Little Rock resident wants a safer and more welcoming environment to walk and bike, but can't articulate specific projects to that end?  Below are some sample projects for your reference.  Some of these projects are part of the larger Midline and Safe Routes to School projects and some are stand-alone.  Please feel free to look through the projects and submit requests for those of interest to you or submit your own ideas for bicycle and pedestrian projects.  Thank you for your interest in making Little Rock a safer and more welcoming environment to walk and bike!