Phase 1: Jonesboro Children's Trail

In July 2021, the City of Little Rock applied for a Metroplan Surface Transportation Grant for Phase One of the Jonesboro Children's Trail (Trail).  This page discusses Phase One as a stand-alone project.

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The Metroplan STP grant application asks what connectivity this project creates coupled with existing and funded facilities.  In short, this project will be the linchpin between Metroplan's Regional Bike Plan, the proposed east-west route of Metoplan's Regional Greenways Plan, our emerging bike network south of I-630, and our developed bike network north of I-630 (Fig. 1). 

The Regional Greenways Plan will likely have a crossing at the Mississippi/Rodney Parham/I-630 exit intersection (Fig. 1).  The Jonesboro corridor is redundant with this crossing.  However, the Mississippi/Rodney Parham crossing will require a >$5M bridge, a >$7M bridge at University, and other as yet unresolved ROW issues at The District at Midtown.  This section of the Regional Bike Plan will not happen quickly.  Jonesboro, coupled with proposed and funded Regional Bike Plan infrastructure, should serve as the Near Term Alternative for the Regional Greenways Plan.

This is a map of the Jonesboro project in the context of Metroplan's Regional Bike Plan, Regional Greenways Plan, and existing and proposed City facilities.
Figure 1.  This is a map of the Jonesboro project placed in the context of the Metroplan Regional Bike Plan, the proposed east-west route of the Metroplan Central Arkansas Regional Greenways Plan, and existing and proposed City of Little Rock bike facilities.  See also Tri-Creek Greenway, UALR Trail Connector, .

Corridor Length

Specifically, the Jonesboro project would connect the 9.8 mile South/East bike network (including the Tri-Creek Greenway) to the 31.7 mile North bike network (including the Arkansas River Trail Loop).  The North and South/East bike networks are all either existing or funded and continuous, but they are not connected to one another.  The Jonesboro project would be the linchpin that creates Little Rock's first functional bike network crossing I-630.


North: Zoo Drive bike lanes (existing, Monroe to Fair Park)                                        0.3 miles

North: Fair Park bike lanes (existing, I-630 to Markham)                                            0.5 miles

North: Van Buren bike lanes (existing, Markham to Kavanaugh)                                  0.5 miles

North: Kavanaugh bike lanes / sharrows (existing/improving, Markham to University)    3.3 miles

North: University Ave. sharrows (existing, Kavanaugh to Palisades)                            0.7 miles

North: Allsopp Trail (existing, Kavanaugh to Cedar Hill)                                             0.7 miles

North: Cedar Hill bike lanes (obligated)                                                                   0.5 miles

North: Arkansas River Trail (ART) Loop (existing)                                                      15.6 miles

North: Arkansas River Trail Big Dam Bridge to Two Rivers Bridge                                  1.5 miles

North: Arkansas River Trail Two Rivers Bridge to Two Rivers Park                                  1.7 miles

North: Country Farm Rd. bike lanes                                                                          2.8 miles

North: Pinnacle Valley (CLR) bike lanes:                                                                   1.0 miles

North: Pinnacle Valley (Pulaski) bike lanes:                                                               2.2 miles

North: Village at Ison Creek sharrows:                                                                      0.4 miles

If a rider is willing to brave the fog lanes on Taylor Loop (N-S), the Taylor Loop Connection continues with the Taylor Loop (E-W) bike lanes, the LaMarche bike lanes, and the Chenal Valley bike lanes.


East: 12th St. bike lanes (Jonesboro to Battery)                                                         2.0 miles

South: Jackson/14th/Grant sharrows (funded)                                                             1.0 miles

South: UALR Trail (existing)                                                                                     1.1 miles

South: 19th St./Boyle Park sharrows (funded)                                                             0.8 miles

South: Tri-Creek Greenway (funded portion only)                                                         5.0 miles