Build Your Case

In order to generate support for your idea, people need to understand it.

1) What are you proposing?

Describe your project concept with language that the general public will understand.  Visual aids such as maps and cross-sections can be very helpful.  

2) What problems would it address?  What benefits would it bring to whom?

Would your project address a lack of (route) connectivity for people on bike or on foot?  A lack of cohesion between parts of a neighborhood?  Vehicular speeding?  Equity?  Safety concerns?  Public health?  Economic development?  Livability?

Can you provide evidence of these problems?  Regarding route connectivity, Master Bike Plan, Master Trail Plan, or a sidewalk map?  Regarding vehicular speeding, a speeding report generated by the Little Rock Police Department?  Regarding equity, would this project help the mobility of people who don't drive due to age or disability or have limited access to a vehicle due to income?  Regarding safety concerns, what is the bicycle and pedestrian crash frequency in your project's area?  What is the motor vehicle crash frequency?

3) Evidence of support for the benefits listed above?

You likely have little support for your project concept at this stage because you haven't yet built that support.  However, if your project will solve some of the problems/provide some of the benefits listed above, you may already have local evidence for support for those goals.  

4) Use 

You might consider packaging your materials in a handout to give people and/or a presentation you can show people.

I might be able to help you with some of this.  Don't forget to use me as a resource: