Promote Smart Growth

The following goals fall within the Promote Smart Growth domain.  The Sustainability Commission acknowledges that we may not be able to address all of these goals within the next five or ten years, but feels its important to outline these goals holistically.  We also acknowledge that this list may be incomplete; that the City may accomplish important items within the Smart Growth domain that aren't explicitly considered below.  Listing these goals specifically is only meant to guide stakeholders to impactful actions.

1. Understand Smart Growth PoliciesWork with experts within and outside our community to increase awareness of Sustainability Commission, Planning Commission, City Planning and Development, developers, the public, elected officials, and other relevant stakeholders of Smart Growth Policies and how they relate to building a more sustainable urban environment.

2. Limit Roadway Expansion:  Evidence continues to demonstrate that roadway/highway expansion does not reduce congestion in the long run, but rather subsidizes and incentivizes single occupancy vehicular travel, increasing regional vehicle miles traveled and promoting sprawling development.

3. Identify Locally-Viable Smart Growth Policies: Work with local planning and development stakeholders to determine which smart growth policies are appropriate and achievable in our community.

4. Obtain Smart Growth Policy Grants: Obtain outside funding to plan and develop our community in ways consistent with Smart Growth Policies.

5. Discourage Downtown Surface Parking:  Surface parking lots are often called missing teeth in a walkable landscape.  Surface parking lots discourage walking by creating greater distances between origins and destinations and making the walks less interesting and inviting. 

6. Promote Dense Development:  Incentivize dense, mixed-use development in our urban core and discourage sprawling development.