O.K.  Program (Our Kids)

The O.K. Program of Little Rock Arkansas is affiliated with the National O.K. Program, which is headquartered in Little Rock on the campus of Arkansas Baptist College.The O.K. Program is a law enforcement based mentoring program, which fosters partnerships between police agencies, schools, students, community members (teammates) and the faith and business community to provide positive guidance and support to African-American males. Under the guidance of an African-American police officer (O.K. Program Coordinator), the program organizes responsible African-American adult males to serve as positive role models and mentors for their younger counterparts. The adults in the program are called “Teammates” because the O.K. Program is based on a team-mentoring concept. The program is designed around a high school and the middle schools that feed into it. Through a cooperative agreement between the Little Rock Public Schools and the Little Rock Police Department, the coordinators are provided offices on each school campus, access to the students during the day (while they are in school), and the grades and progress reports of each student.

To see the O.K. Program in action, click the photo below:

Sgt. Willie Davis
(501) 918-2101