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Monday, Jul 01, 2019

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Don't forget! Leave fireworks to the professionals

The Little Rock Fire Department and Little Rock Police Department reminds residents to leave fireworks to professionals and that Little Rock City Code prohibits the possession, manufacturing, storage, sale, handling, and use of fireworks within the City limits. 

“We are not discouraging people from enjoying fireworks as they celebrate Independence Day,” said Fire Chief Delphone Hubbard. “We are, however reminding them that in order to do that they need to attend one of the official fireworks displays throughout Central Arkansas.” 

The purpose of the ban on private fireworks usage is to protect the health and safety of residents and their property, Hubbard said. “Each year, numerous people are seriously injured when they are shooting off fireworks. Sparks or ashes from fireworks can start fires that damage homes, cars, and other property.”

Additionally, fireworks calls can overburden the 911 system and prevent emergencies from being reported. To report fireworks use within the city limits, residents are encouraged to call 501-371-4829.