Allsopp Park


Allsopp Park occupies 75 acres within a wooded ravine situated in the Pulaski Heights community of northwestern Little Rock. Recreational facilities have been developed upon this acreage, while another ravine of equal area and located directly to the north is maintained as undeveloped open space. In 1927, the City of Little Rock purchased these two ravines for the development of a municipal park. Frederick Allsopp, a prominent resident of the neighborhood, was an ardent naturalist who expressed a special interest in the park’s development. Allsopp commissioned the Massachusetts landscape architect John Nolen to prepare a park master plan in 1931. Nolen’s plan integrated Allsopp’s desire for a bird and wildlife sanctuary with recreational facilities such as hiking and horseback trails, ballfields, tennis courts, and a playground. Although John Nolen’s plan was not implemented, the park retains the spirit of his original design. In Frederick Allsopp’s will, funds were provided for the purchase of additional land at the park’s northwestern edge.



  Tennis Court


   Picnic Tables