Therapeutic Recreation Programs

Therapeutic Recreation (TR) is a purposeful intervention designed to bring about positive emotional, social, physical or cognitive changes in individuals with disabilities. 

Indoor and outdoor therapy and interventions are designed to foster independence and develop skills for improved quality of life. These therapy programs are highly structured, goal-oriented opportunities to bring about change while incorporating a participant’s individual leisure interests.

Our Therapeutic Recreation division is staffed with trained professionals and features the appropriate equipment and community based therapeutic activities needed for our participants. We believe this helps us reach our goal of enhancing a participant’s ability to enjoy recreational activities while promoting healthy, independent leisure lifestyles.

Therapeutic Recreation Activities

  • Teach new skills and knowledge
  • Build strong minds and healthy bodies
  • Enhance self concept, self-esteem and confidence
  • Foster peer relationships and community integration
  • Develop life-long leisure skills
  • Improve quality of life

Ottenheimer Therapeutic Recreation Center

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