Outdoor Recreation

Experience the Beauty of the Capital City

Discover a wealth of outdoor recreational opportunities in Little Rock, where our vibrant community spaces cater to every interest. Immerse yourself in nature with our extensive hiking trails, offering a perfect blend of scenic beauty and exercise. For water enthusiasts, kayaking adventures await along our picturesque waterways. Golf enthusiasts can perfect their swing at our well-maintained courses surrounded by natural landscapes. Looking for a unique experience? Try shooting hoops under Kanis Bridge for an urban twist on a classic pastime. In Little Rock, outdoor recreation isn't just an activity – it's a lifestyle. Explore, indulge, and connect with the great outdoors in the heart of our city.

Soft and Paved Trails Across the City.
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Cycling, Mountain Biking, and Kid Trails
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Paddling, Fishing, and Leisure
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On-street parking enforcement in Little Rock.
Recycling collection, opportunities, and education.
Garbage collection and landfill services.