Boyle Park


Boyle Park occupies 243 acres of densely-wooded, gently-rolling land situated along Rock Creek in the western part of the city. In 1929, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Boyle donated this property to the City of Little Rock for the creation of a municipal park. The National Park Service in cooperation with the Arkansas State Parks Commission prepared the original master plan in 1936. Development of the park was accomplished as a project of the CCC and WPA programs. Several of the park’s structures were cited as model examples in the 1936 issue of “Park Structures and Facilities”, a manual published by the U.S. Department of the Interior. A special feature of the park is the 20-station fitness course constructed in 1981.




Basketball court

Fishing Pond

Picnic Tables

   BBQ Grills


 Wifi Hotspot