Hindman Park

  1. Location: 7501 Hindman Park Way
  2. Size: 210 Acres
  3. Classification: Large Urban Park


Hindman Park occupies 210 acres of gently-rolling, tree covered land adjacent to one of the principal tributaries of Fourche Creek in the southeastern part of the city. The development of Hindman Park began in 1965 with the construction of a ballfield and playground. The 18-hole golf course and clubhouse were developed in 1971, with assistance from the U.S. Bureau of Outdoor Recreation. Additional recreational facilities were added in 1976 and 1977 to provide a wide range of recreational opportunities for the park visitor. The golf course closed in 2019 and a new bathroom was added in 2022 after the original one was destroyed by a falling tree. Hindman Park was named after Biscoe Hindman, whose estate contributed $50,000 toward the development of the park.