BUILD Academy

What is BUILD Academy?

Definition: BUILD stands for Businesses United In Leadership Development. The BUILD Academy is an 12-week business development initiative that walks local business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs through topics pertaining to business essentials.

Why BUILD Academy Matters?

BUILD matters because it connects potential with opportunity. Throughout Little Rock, an entrepreneurial spirit lives; however, not all parts of Little Rock have the resources and knowledge to turn an idea into a wealth-generating, healthy business. Through intentional location and design – as the front door for entrepreneurship in Little Rock south of I-630 – BUILD aims to create opportunity.

Where is the BUILD Academy?

The Small Business Development Office will host the BUILD Academy at the historic Willie Hinton Neighborhood Resource Center. Additionally, BUILD will have satellite locations at local Parks & Recreation Community Centers and Housing & Neighborhood Programs Resource Centers throughout the city to create a hyper-local opportunity for businesses to thrive and collaborate.

How can you join BUILD Academy?

Applications are closed. For more information, contact the Small Business Development Office at or 501-379-1555.