Our Why

Little Rock voters made history on Dec. 4, 2018 when they elected Frank Scott Jr. as the City’s 73rd mayor and first elected Black chief executive. Mayor Scott was re-elected in November 2022 to another four-year term. Mayor Scott’s vision—to unite Little Rock and move our city from disconnected to connected so we reach our full potential—is the driving force behind his governing strategy.

His agenda centers on the following themes:

  • Jobs growth,
  • Opportunity for every child in every part of the city,
  • Securing our neighborhoods through a 21st Century police department,
  • Intentional and deliberate inclusion and diversity throughout every level of city government,
  • And community development investment.

The Office of Executive Administration combines city resources with local, regional, and national partnerships to help build a Little Rock that unleashes the untapped potential and ingenuity of our residents. Mayor Scott believes Little Rock can and will be a catalyst for the New South.