City Clerk's Office

The Mission of the City Clerks Office:

Efficiently meet all statutory obligations with respect to elections, records and legislation of the City of Little Rock.

Goal of the City Clerk's Office:

To provide the highest quality of customer service to the Little Rock City Board of Directors, Mayor, City Manager, City Staff and administration in the most timely and convenient manner possible. To maintain and produce documents that enables the public to participate in local government.

What is the City Clerk?

The City Clerk is the person responsible for legislative operations of the City and is accountable to the Little Rock City Board of Directors, Mayor, City Manager, and the citizens.

The City Clerk has signature authority, which is required on all ordinances and resolution and other official documents of the City. The City Clerk's Office is a City-wide information and document resource center. Every municipality has a City Clerk or someone who functions as one.

The City Clerk and Assistant City Clerk are members of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks, a professional organization comprised of over 10,000 members. The mission of this organization is to prepare its membership to meet the changes of the diverse rolls of the Municipal Clerk by providing services and continuing professional development.

The Office of the City Clerk

The Office of the City Clerk serves as an information center whose services impact a diverse clientele, including the general public, the media, and other government entities. Although the City Clerk's Office is traditionally associated with municipal elections and recording the minutes of the Little Rock City Board of Directors Meeting, its scope of business includes the following:

The Clerk is the historian of the City's recorded history, and therefore manages the official records of the City of Little Rock. No other office in municipal service has so many contacts. The office serves the Mayor, the Little Rock City Board of Directors, the City Manager, and all City Departments without exception. This office is called upon almost daily for some service or information, and the work demands versatility, alertness, accuracy and patience.

  • The City Clerk's Office coordinates City elections, coordinates and prepares agendas for the Little Rock City Board of Directors Meetings, signs and countersigns ordinances, resolutions and other official documents.

  • Responds to citizen's requests or complaints, serving as a liaison between the citizens and City Departments

  • Assists and coordinates with other Departments in the drafting of City legislation

  • Researches City and State codes and statutes

  • Responsible for codification of codes for the City of Little Rock Code Book

  • Maintains and preserves the City Seal

  • Develops agenda content and prepare agendas for Little Rock City Board of Directors Agenda Meetings and regularly scheduled meetings

  • Maintains the ordinance and resolution books

  • Attends all meetings of the Little Rock City Board of Directors, reads according to established order of procedure, all motions, resolutions and organizes listed on each agenda. Records and transcribes minutes of each meeting

  • Records and publishes ordinances and resolutions of each Little Rock City Board of Directors Meeting as required by statute or ordinance; ensuring compliance with those and other laws

  • Assigns numbers to ordinances and resolutions passed or adopted by the Little Rock City Board of Directors with distributions of ordinances and resolutions processed for Department Directors and others, as designated

  • Maintains a list of all City of Little Rock Boards and Commissions; preparing advertisements, letters, and arranging interviews as required

  • Prepares and publishes legal notices, advertisements and notices of public hearings, and special called meetings

  • Certifies the accuracy of copies of official City records, such as motions, resolutions, ordinances, code and minutes for use in connection with the court or other legal proceedings

  • Accepts and certifies petitions of candidates for City of Little Rock Municipal Offices, referendum and initiative petitions; verifies petitions and signatures on petitions

  • The City Clerk administers Oaths and Affirmations as necessary

  • Maintains the Oakland and Fraternal Cemetery Record Books; issues deeds and maintains deed books

  • Files and maintains City Lobbyist Registration Forms

  • Files and maintains Statements of Financial Interest for City Officials

  • Files and maintains requests/petitions to establish improvement districts; maintains files when an improvement district is approved

  • Files and maintains requests/petitions for annexation; maintains files when land is annexed

For More Information

Susan Langley, City Clerk
Little Rock City Hall
500 West Markham Street, Room 200
Little Rock, AR  72201
(501) 371-6803

Alli Segars, Deputy City Clerk
Little Rock City Hall
500 West Markham Street, Room 200
Little Rock, AR  72201
(501) 371-4766