City Departments

The City of Little Rock has fourteen (14) City Departments, and approximately 2,500 employees who work hard to maintain and improve the quality of life for our 202,000 citizens. To accomplish this task, the employee work group focuses on the Little Rock City Board of Directors four (4) main areas of focus: Public Safety; Infrastructure; Economic Development; and Quality of Life.

Three of the City’s Departments are nationally accredited:

  1. Little Rock Police Department: Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc.
  2. Little Rock Zoo: The American Zoo Aquarium Association
  3. Little Rock Fire Department:  Commission on Fire Accreditation International
City Attorney's Office
Performs all legal services for the City, including prosecution, defense, and the preparation and review of contracts and other legal documents.
Community Programs
Established in 1996 to address crime prevention issues and to provide an array of social and human services needed in the community.
District Courts
Criminal Court addresses criminal offenses; Traffic Court has jurisdiction over traffic offenses; and Environmental Court handles code violations.
Manages and maintains the City's financial, accounting, and budgetary functions  in conformance with generally accepted accounting principles in compliance with State and Federal laws.  
Fire Department
Protects life and property through service and education, with 400 employees and 20 stations covering 122 sq. mi.
Fleet Services
Keeps the city rolling by providing quality vehicles, equipment, vehicle storage, fuel, and other support services.
Human Resources
Helps job applicants and City employees while equipping City staff to effectively perform City services for the betterment of Little Rock.
Information Technology
Provides critical data, communications and network infrastructure to other City Departments.
Parks Department
Provides quality leisure services, promotes the natural environment and the overall health of the community it serves.
Planning and Development
Encourages growth, development, redevelopment and stabilization through planning, land use controls, preservation, permitting and enforcement.
Police Department
Provides a law enforcement system that utilizes Departmental, civic and community resources to protect life and property, and preserve law and order.
Public Works
Maintains and improves infrastructure, provides garbage collection/disposal services, maintains traffic systems, and cleans streets and drainage systems.
Little Rock Zoo
Maintains an outstanding zoological institution, providing visitors with recreational, educational and cultural experiences.
Housing and Neighborhood Programs
Encourages quality, affordable development and redevelopment while protecting citizens through environmental code enforcement and animal services.