Pedestrian/Bicyclist Crash Analysis 2015
This Metroplan report summarizes the pedestrian and bicycle crashes over the last 10 years, indicating where crashes are most frequent, demographics, and injury severity. 

Central Arkansas Livability Index 2014
This Metroplan document considers different measures of livability including walking (pg. 5) and biking (pg. 6).

Broadway Street Pedestrian/Bicycle Crash Analysis 2012
Broadway, between the Arkansas River and I-630, is by far the most dangerous pedestrian corridor in all of Central Arkansas (Table 2), including three of the four most dangerous intersections for pedestrians in Central Arkansas (Table 1). This Metroplan document considers the circumstances of pedestrian crashes which will help prioritize interventions to increase the safety of the corridor.

Central Arkansas 2050 (2018)
This revision to Imagine Central Arkansas, our community's Long-Range Metropolian Transportation Plan, considers policy with a 20-year transportation and land use plan projection window for Central Arkansas, including BikePed-friendliness.