Artistic Bike Racks in SOMA

The South Main Business District has added bike racks that are functional, artistic, and congruent with the their district's aesthetic.  The bike racks match themes of SOMA businesses (Pictures 1-8).  SOMA is quickly becoming the bicyclist's business district!


Picture 1.  A Farling bike in front of the Worley, Wood & Parrish, P.A. law firm.

Picture 2.  A purse in front of Esse Purse Museum.

Picture 3.  Paperclips at the north corner of Oxford American.

Picture 4.  An ice cream cone at the corner of the Green Corner Store.

Picture 5.  An envelope in front of United Systems.

Picture 6.  A carrot in front of The Root.

Picture 7.  A fork and spoon in front of South on Main.

Picture 8.  Piano keyboard and music in front of Piano Kraft.