Emerging Bike Network

Piecemeal bicycle facilities don't do much to increase ridership because they do little to connect origins to destinations.  The City does not typically install on-street bike facilities unless the street is being resurfaced or rebuilt anyway, resulting in a patchwork of bike facilities.  However, it is an exciting time to be a bike commuter in Little Rock, because this patchwork is starting to connect.

This page discusses a continuous network that either exists or is in some stage of being constructed.

Map of an emerging, connected bicycle network.
Figure 1.  Close up of the emerging, continuous network in the core of urban Little Rock.

Zoomed out map of an emerging, continuous bike network.
Figure 2.  The emerging, continuous network in the core of urban Little Rock zoomed out from the BikeWays LR basemap.

# Street / Park Scope Type State Length
1 Van Buren Markham to Kavanaugh bike lanes existing 0.5 miles
2 Fair Park I-630 to Markham bike lanes existing 0.5 miles
3 Zoo Drive Monroe to Fair Park bike lanes existing 0.3 miles
4.1 Jonesboro Trail 12th St. to Marietta Ct. trail funded 0.3 miles
4.2 Jonesboro Trail Marietta Ct. to Zoo Drive sharrows funded 0.2 miles
5 12th Street Jonesboro to Battery bike lanes existing 2.0 miles
6.1 Tri-Creek Greenway P3 12th St. to Boyle Park sharrows funded 1.8 miles
6.2 Tri-Creek Greenway Boyle Park trail existing 1.6 miles
6.3 Tri-Creek Greenway P3 Boyle Park to Brodie Creek Park trail funded 3.6 miles
6.4 Tri-Creek Greenway P1 Western Hills Park trail funded 0.5 miles
7 Coleman Creek Trail Asher Ave. to Charles Bussey Ave. trail existing 1.1 miles
8 UALR Connection First Tee to Asher tp Mabelvale Pike trail NOT funded 0.7 miles*
9 Mabelvale Pike bikelanes Mabelvale Pike Trail to Asher Ave. bike lanes existing 0.5 miles*
10 Mabelvale Pike trail Mabelvale Pike bike lanes to 49th St. trail existing 0.6 miles*
11 Kavanaugh Markham to Rose prot. bike lane proposed 0.9 miles
11 Kavanaugh Rose to Hillcrest Square sharrows existing 0.6 miles
11 Kavanaugh Hillcrest Square to Van Buren prot. bike lane proposed 0.2 miles
12 Allsopp Trail Kavanaugh&Rose to Cedar Hill Dr. trail existing 0.7 miles
13 Cedar Hill Allsopp Park to Riverfront Dr. bike lanes obligated 0.5 miles
14 Arkansas River Trail Clinton Bridge, Big Dam Bridge (loop) trail existing 15.6 miles
15 Markham Street Kavanaugh to Pine sidewalks 60% engin. 0.6 miles**
16 Southwest Trail Little Rock to Hot Springs trail EA complete 63 miles***
17 36th Street Colonel Glenn Rd. to Longcoy St. bike lanes existing 1.2 miles
18 Kavanaugh Van Buren to L. Street sharrows existing 0.3 miles
18 Kavanaugh L. St. to E. Crestwood Dr. bike lanes existing 0.4 miles
18 Kavanaugh E. Crestwood Dr. to University Ave. sharrows existing 1.0 miles
19 Two Rivers Park Two Rivers Bridge to Two Rivers Rd. trail existing 1.8 miles
20 Two Rivers Park Rd. Two Rivers Park Trail to Country Farm road w/in park existing 0.6 miles**
21 Country Farm Rd. Two Rivers Park to Pinnacle Valley (CLR) bike lanes existing 2.8 miles
22 Pinnacle Valley (Pulaski) Country Farm Rd. to Pinn. State Park bike lanes existing 2.2 miles
23 Pinnacle Valley (CLR) Country Farm Rd. to Cantrell Ave. bike lanes existing 1.0 miles
24 Village at Ison Creek Pinnacle Valley (CLR) to Cantrell Ave. sharrows existing 0.4 miles
25 Taylor Loop (N-S) Cantrell Ave. to Hinson Rd. fog lanes existing 0.5 miles**
26 Taylor Loop (E-W) Taylor Loop (N-S) to Lamarche Dr. bike lanes existing 0.9 miles
27 Lamarche Dr. Taylor Loop (E-W) to Chenal Valley Dr. bike lanes existing 1.7 miles
28 Chenal Valley Dr. Rahling Rd. to Chenal Parkway fog lanes existing 0.9 miles**
29 Chenal Valley Dr. Chenal Parkway to Chenal Parkway bike lanes existing 4.3 miles
30 Champagnolle Dr.  Chenal Valley Dr. to Rahling Rd. bike lanes existing 0.8 miles
31 Broadway Bridge Markham to W. Broadway + ramps trail existing 0.8 miles
32.1 Southeast Trail Clinton Library to 6th St. pumphouse trail funded 1.2 miles
32.2 Southeast Trail 6th St. pumphouse to airport terminal trail 60% engin 2.3 miles***
33.1 Overlook Dr. Greathouse Bend Dr.to Hearthside Dr. bike lane existing 0.6 miles
33.2 Overlook Dr. Hearthside Drive to River Oaks Circle sharrows existing 0.5 miles
Total       52.8 miles
* not counted toward total because not yet continuous      
** not counted toward total because not a bicycle facility      
*** not counted toward total because not yet funded      

52.8 miles of more or less continuous bike network (but see 20, 25, and 28 and breaks in Arkansas River Trail, i.e. "Remaining Arkansas River Trail Challenges")