Stacy Tierney, Friendly Driver Instructor

Photo of Friendly Driver Instructor Stacy Tierney at a deskStacy Tierney is a City of Little Rock resident of 10 years who works in the field of Sleep Medicine and Research. She and her husband Steven have four dogs and enjoy spending their free time volunteering at the Little Rock Animal Shelter. Stacy is in her second year as the President of the Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas and has been involved with state and national bicycle advocacy for 5 years. Stacy works hard for safer and equitable means of transportation for the City of Little Rock. 

When asked why she is interested in being a part of the Friendly Driver Program, Stacy states, "I believe the City of Little Rock is a fantastic place to live and work. I know that there are things we can do to make the city a more livable and attractive environment, such as making it safer. After taking the original Friendly Driver Course constructed by the City of Fort Collins at the National Bike Summit, I knew that this was education that needed to be given to the Little Rock community. I learned many things from the class on how to be a better driver and a better cyclist and wanted other people to gain that same knowledge and confidence." Stacy looks forward to meeting you at the next Friendly Driver Class.

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