(Girls Empowered by Mentoring Sisterhood)


The G.E.M.S. Program is a free program that teaches self-respect, empowerment, social responsibility, academic achievement, and life skills for girls ages 12 to 18. This program was initiated through the Little Rock Police Department in 2015 after noticing a rise in juvenile crimes committed by female youth between the ages of 12 to 18. There was a desperate need to address this problem by providing a program that would target middle and high school girls who are recruited by the officer or recommended by school administration and staff.


To initiate a partnership with educational institutions, students, and community members. To provide needed services to girls who are faced with various societal factors that may put them at risk. We want to help guide pre-teen and teenage girls through a variety of health, societal, educational, and economic factors that many youths are affected by.


  • Enhance individual self-esteem and self-confidence while empowering young girls.
  • Educate young girls about how to interact with police officers.
  • Raise awareness about the rise in incarceration for females.
  • Reduce the amount of crime young girls commit by providing them with a program that gives them positive alternatives.
  • Provide positive role models with strong, positive character.
  • Enhance academic performance.
  • Encourage economic self-reliance.

Current Schools

  • Cloverdale Middle School
  • Various schools and districts

For More Information

Officer Takeisha Fifer
(501) 414-7771 / tfifer@littlerock.gov

Sgt. Crystal Simmons
501-379-1521 / csimmons@littlerock.gov