Cold Case

2017 Unsolved Homicides

The following homicides are unsolved. If you have information about these incidents, please call detectives at (501) 371-4660.


Name: Mashon Jackson

Date of Homicide: January 8th 2017

Address of Homicide: 33rd and Martin Luther King

Name: Wilford Banks 3rd

Date of Homicide: February 8th 2017

Address of Homicide: 4512 West 25th Street

Name: Troy Langston

Date of Homicide:March 6th 2017

Address of Homicide: 3000 Wolfe Street

Deontre Rhodes

Name: Deontre Rhodes

Date of Homicide: March 6th 2017

Address of Homicide: 3200 John Barrow Road

Brent Cartwright

Name: Brent Cartwright

Date of Homicide: March 19th 2017

Address of Homicide: 6420 Colonel Glenn

Lewis Wallace

Name: Lewis Wallace

Date of Homicide: March 24th 2017

Address of Homicide: 8701 Interstate 30

Stevie Howard

Name: Stevie Howard

Date of Homicide: March 24th 2017

Address of Homicide: 8701 Interstate 30

Charles Levingston

Name: Charles Levingston

Date of Homicide: March 26th 2017

Address of Homicide: 1300 West 21st Street


Name: Eric Gavin

Date of Homicide: March 28th 2017

Address of Homicide:1314 West 19th Street

Shirley Jackson

Name: Shirley Jackson

Date of Homicide: April 27th 2017

Address of Homicide: 1805 Park Lane

Tamela Jones

Name: Tamela Jones

Date of Homicide: May 8th 2017

Address of Homicide: 2501 South Arch Street

Name: Israel Choxon

Date of Homicide: May 8th 2017

Address of Homicide: 8309 Stanton Road

Kendrick Scales

Name: Kendrick Scales

Date of Homicide: May 27th 2017

Address of Homicide: 4200 Asher Avenue

Tanisha Roby

Name: Tanisha Roby

Date of Homicide: May 27th 2017

Address of Homicide: 8510 Scott Hamilton Road

Sharman Bowie

Name: Sharman Bowie

Date of Homicide: July 8th 2017

Address of Homicide: 35 Nandina Circle

Billy Thornton


Name: Billy Thornton

Date of Homicide:July 11th 2017

Address of Homicide: 8701 Interstate 30


Name: Cyncere Alexander

Date of Homicide: July 24th 2017

Address of Homicide: 1502 Green Mountain Road

Name: Loren Robinson     

Date of Homicide: July 24th 2017

Address of Homicide: 10424 Stardust Trail

Name: Evilio Castro-Alverez

Date of Homicide: July 29th 2017

Address of Homicide: 5300 Baseline Road

Tina Moody

Name: Tina Moody

Date of Homicide: August 2nd 2017

Address of Homicide: 5800 Stagecoach Road


Danny Lewis

Name: Danny Lewis           

Date of Homicide: August 6th 2017

Address of Homicide: 2015 Howard Street

Vincent James

Name: Vincent James

Date of Homicide: August 13th 2017

Address of Homicide: 5800 Stagecoach Road

Name: Antwon Bryant      

Date of Homicide: August 14th 2017

Address of Homicide: 2800 Interstate 30

Michael Davis


Name: Michael Davis

Date of Homicide: August 14th 2017

Address of Homicide: 5601 Asher Avenue

Paul Gonzales

Name: Paul Gonzales

Date of Homicide: October 10th 2017

Address of Homicide: 2123 Labette Manor

Larry Bearfield

Name: Larry Bearfield

Date of Homicide: October 25th 2017

Address of Homicide: 5001 West 65th Street

Lester Perry

Name: Lester Perry                                    

Date of Homicide: December 27, 2017         

Address of Homicide: 8101 W. 41st Street