Special Investigations Division

(501) 918-3800


Major Russell King

Currently assigned as the Special Investigations Division Commander, Major Russell King began his law enforcement career with the Little Rock Police Department in 1992. Transferring from Patrol to the Detective Division in 1994, he first served as a Larceny investigator and later as a Robbery Detective. Promoting to the rank of Sergeant in 2002, he was initially assigned to the Southwest patrol division and then transferred to the Internal Affairs Unit. In this assignment he conducted administrative investigations, participated in the development and implementation of the Department’s early intervention system, and drafted policy. Promoting to the rank of Lieutenant in 2006, he was assigned to the Northwest Patrol Division. While in the patrol division, he was assigned as the “Quiet Nights” unit commander.

 This specialized unit utilized crime analysis to strategically address high crime areas throughout the City of Little Rock, emphasizing on the reduction of violent crime. Following the Patrol assignment, he was transferred to the Special Investigations Division as the Intelligence Unit Commander. In this capacity he supervised the Vice and Intelligence Units, overseeing the acquisition and implementation of multiple grant programs targeting the reduction of gun, drug and violent crimes. Additionally, he managed the development of the Special Investigations Division’s Technical Unit, which is essential in supporting the Department’s technical investigative needs. In 2010 he was assigned as the Narcotics Unit commander where he facilitated the development of the Interdiction Unit and managed numerous, large scale, State and Federal investigations. In 2015, he was promoted to the rank of Captain and assigned to the Headquarters Division in this assignment he supervised the Property Room, Warrants Unit, Extended leave Unit, Emergency Management Unit, and Communications Center.

In September of 2017, Major King was assigned as the Major Crimes Division Commander where he supervised the six (6) investigative units: Homicide; Robbery; Violent Crimes; Violent Gun Crimes; Juvenile; and Financial Crimes Unit.  He also managed the Major Crimes Division’s Victim Services Unit and Crime Scene Search Unit. On October 10, 2020, Major King was assigned to the Northwest Patrol Division and in April of 2022 assigned over the Special Investigations Division.

Narcotics Unit

The Narcotics Unit is responsible for investigating all criminal offenses relating to or arising from the use of or trafficking of controlled substances. A vital role of the Narcotics Unit is to maintain a close working relationship with federal, state and local drug enforcement agencies.

Report Suspicious Activity

Crime Stoppers (501) 371-4636

Vice Unit

The Vice Unit is responsible for the investigation of criminal offenses relating to or arising from acts of prostitution, gambling, pornography and liquor violations.

            International Crimes Against Children                             1-800-843-5678

            National Center for Missing and Exploited Children           1-800-843-5678

            Child Abuse Hotline                                                       1-800-482-5964

Intelligence Unit

The Intelligence Unit has the responsibility to investigate, expose, and cause the arrest of individuals engaged in illegal activities, organized or otherwise, as determined by law. The Intelligence Unit is responsible for investigating all events or situations that have a potential for violence, disorder or criminal behavior. The Intelligence Unit shall be responsible for liaison activity with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies involving joint investigations and the protection of visiting Dignitaries.

Gun Crimes Intelligence Unit

The GCIU mission is to identify and target individuals who carry and use illegal guns in an effort to reduce or prevent gun crimes and the associated violence through the development and production of time sensitive actionable intelligence.  They are tasked with assisting state and federal partners in their successful prosecution efforts of individuals involved in or associated with gun crimes or who are committing acts of violence.