Crime Stoppers

While officers are actively patrolling to keep our community safe, we recognize our citizens are the eyes and ears of the community. In most investigations, witnesses to the case and any video surveillance are a vital portion for officers and detectives to be available to develop a suspect or make an arrest. Our Crime Stoppers Officer works closely with all departments to distribute traffic and criminal complaints to the appropriate department Bureau. Our department has recently partnered with “Neighbors by Ring,” to create an online neighborhood watch group. This is a phone applications that can be downloaded via the App Store and Google Play. By using this system you are able to receive real-time alerts from other members of the community and from our department.  Together, we can keep our city safe.

If you have information regarding a crime that has occurred within Little Rock and would like to share this information with detectives, please call and leave a message with our Tip Line, 501-371-INFO (4636). You can remain anonymous. 

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