Commuter Mentoring

Have you ever thought about riding your bike on the street?  There are a lot of great reasons to ride for recreation and transportation, but for some, it's just too intimidating. 

Could you use the comfort of experienced riders helping you on your first rides?  Or are you a grizzled bike commuter who wants to pass her experience on to others?  This is the ride for you!

Figure 1. This short video is a primer for riding a bike on the road safely.

These are educational rides.  We won't be going fast and no one will be dropped.  If you're an experienced cyclist looking to get a good workout, this ride is not for you.  If you are a cyclist of any experience level looking to teach or to learn how to be safer and more comfortable riding on the road for transportation, this is your place.

In 1998, the City of Little Rock organized regular, monthly rides.  Commuter Mentoring rides are now on-demand. If you are interested in doing a Commuter Mentoring ride, please watch the above video and the video on the main Education page.  Then contact CLR BikePed Coordinator and League Cycling Instructor John Landosky to arrange a time.  All participants must provide their own bike and helmet.  If bike or helmet availability is a barrier for your participation, we will try to help.  I'm looking forward to helping you navigate Little Rock by bike!