Fire Prevention/Code Enforcement and Community Outreach Division

Home Fire Safety Checklist

The Fire Prevention/Code enforcement division consist of the Chief Fire Marshal and seven Assistant Fire Marshals. They are charged with the Prevention of Fires within the City of Little Rock by Education, Inspection, and the Enforcement of the Arkansas Fire Code, and the Ordinances adopted by the City of Little Rock. The Division also performs the following:

  • New Commercial Building & Restaurants Inspection
  • Certificated of Occupancy Inspections
  • Existing Building Commercial Inspections
  • Daycare & Foster care home Inspections  (Fee)
  • Building Plans review
  • Fire Investigation
  • Arson Investigation
  • Commercial Burn permit (Fee)
  • Residential Burn permits  (Fee)
  • Investigate Citizens Complaint
  • Fire reports (Fee)
  • Issue Affidavits
  • Internal Affairs
  • Tent Permits
  • Fireworks Permits
  • Above ground inspections
  • Knox Boxes
  • High-rise inspection
  • Investigate Citizens Complaints (Complaints must be Filled out in person on the proper form at Central Fire Station Located at 624 South Chester during normal business hours).


The Community Outreach program schedules and attends events and instructs and provides educational material on Fire Safety. They are also charged with coordinating some of department event programs such as:

  • Beat the Heat Fan Drive
  • Citizens Fire Academy
  • Fire Prevention Week
  • Fire Safety Day
  • DHS Toy Drive
  • Change Clocks/Change Batteries
  • Hero Day

The Little Rock Fire Department also provides free smoke alarms to homeowners that are unable to purchase a smoke alarm. 


For More Information

Little Rock Fire Department
624 South Chester Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: (501) 918-3700
Fax: (501) 371-4485