Public Works

Meet the Director

   Public Works is responsible for maintaining and improving our City's infrastructure, providing garbage collection and disposal services, maintaining the City's traffic systems, cleaning streets and drainage systems, maintaining City maps, maintaining City-owned buildings and facilities and much, much more.

Mission Statement:

“The City of Little Rock is dedicated to improving our residents’ quality of life by providing exceptional service in an efficient and equitable manner.”


“The City of Little Rock is a leading southern city – vibrant, safe and innovative – that provides an excellent and sustainable quality of life where all families, individuals, and businesses can thrive.”

Public Works Mission:

The Public Works department is dedicated to providing efficient and economical infrastructure and quality management of services for the citizens of Little Rock in a professional manner.”

Solid Waste Services: Look up your Collection Day

Click on the link to the interactive map and enter your address or just click on the map to see your collection days for Garbage, Yard Waste, and Recycling.

What is my collection day?

Public Meeting Notice:




Infrastructure Requests submitted by the end of day October 3, 2022 will receive consideration for funding in the 2023 to 2025 funding cycle.


Approved Bond Projects by Wards 2023 - 2025


Click on the Infrastructure Request Form link to submit a request for consideration for funding.




Public Works Divisions:   



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