Local Support Resources

There may be a time at which you would like to demonstrate support for bicycle, pedestrian, or active transportation projects in general or support for the goals that a BikePed project might achieve.  Here are some resources:

Imagine Central Arkansas
This Metroplan report considers a 40-year plan for Central Arkansas, including BikePed-friendliness.

Imagine Central Arkansas Outreach Summary
This technical report accompanies Imagine Central Arkansas.  Page 18 shows that the six most popular priorities for the future of Central Arkansas were better transit/bicycle/pedestrian accommodations.

Arkansas Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan
Appendix A summarizes the results of the community outreach.  It shows a strong latent demand for walking and biking, safety concerns and a lack of facilities as primary reasons people don't walk and bike more, and that more and better facilities would increase biking and walking.