Do an ABC Quick Check

Are you ready for a ride?  Make sure your bike is too.  

Every time you ride, first do a quick safety inspection of your bike called an ABC Quick Check.  Watch the video to learn how:


Basic Bike Check from the League:

Air: Be sure you have enough air in your tires
Brakes: Look to see that your brake pads are not worn
Chain and Cranks: Pull on your cranks to see that they are not loose and look to see that the chain is not rusted and it is free of gunk
Quick Release: Make sure all quick releases are closed
Check: Take a slow brief ride to check that your bike is working properly

If you haven’t ridden your bike for several months, it may be a good idea to take it to a local bike shop for inspection. 

Veteran Tip: Even though the video shows an air check by simply pressing on the tire, tires may not be properly inflated even if they feel firm to the touch (especially road bike tires).  A good rule of thumb is to check your tire pressures with a gauge at least once a week.