Arkansas River Trail - East Terminus

What is Arkansas River Trial - East Terminus?
The section of the Arkansas River Trail between Arch St. and Dillard's Data Center (Fig. 1).  

Figure 1.   This is the section of the Arkansas River Trail dubbed the "East Terminus".  The pink line indicates the current Arkansas River Trail route (not considering the Broadway Bridge detour).

Current Conditions/Current Route
Traveling from downtown Little Rock west toward the Big Dam Bridge, the Medical Mile is cut off by a fence at Arch St. (Fig. 2).  This is because there is currently no connectivity at the western end of the Medical Mile (Fig. 3).


Figure 2.   Even before the Broadway Bridge detour, access to the Medical Mile stopped at Arch St. because the Medical Mile dead-ends at the Union Pacific tracks.

Figure 3.  The Medical Mile terminates at a gate close to the Union Pacific tracks.  There is no connectivity to the Arkansas River Trail or any other route.  The broken trail in the bottom right is caused by erosion into the Arkansas River.  The grant to build the Medical Mile Ramp would also address this erosion.  

Improvements to the ART East Terminus

The City of Little Rock is building a BikePed bridge over the UP tracks.  Coupled with completed work on the West Terminus, this bridge will allow uses to remain on the north side of Cantrell/LaHarpe.  A ramp from the UP bridge to the Medical Mile would significantly increase the safety and comfort of the Arkansas River Trail in this section.  The City is seeking external funding to build that ramp.