Bicycle Friendly Businesses

What is it?

A shield showing League of American Bicyclists Bike Friendly Business designationThe League of American Bicyclists (LAB) knows creating a more Bicycle Friendly America requires a multi-faceted approach. Businesses can facilitate and encourage employees and customers to bike in many ways. 

An employee of a Bicycle Friendly Business might have access to end-use bike parking, shower/locker facilities, flexible start/end times, compensation for an unused (car) parking spot, or other encouragements to bike to work.  Consumer-driven businesses might encourage their customers to bike by providing bike parking, discounts, and other incentives.  Bike friendly businesses might seek to support bicycle advocacy and bicycle projects in the community.  LAB's Bicycle Friendly Business program recognizes these outstanding corporate citizens and also guides businesses to the most effective measures to become more bike friendly.  To be clear, a business need not do all of these things to qualify as a Bike Friendly Business.

Does Little Rock have any Bike Friendly Businesses?

Little Rock's Bicycle Friendly Businesses include McClelland Engineering, Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care, and Trek (formerly Chainwheel).  Thank you, MCE, AFMC, and Trek for all that you do to promote a strong bicycling culture within your business and in Little Rock!

How can my business get LAB designation?

Would you like to earn Bicycle Friendly Business status for your business or would you like your employer to make it easier for you to bike into work? 

The program offers three application cycles per year.  Check out the program's homepage to learn more.

Special Offer

BikePed Little Rock is also extending a special offer for the next cycle, due June 10, 2020.  BikePed Little Rock will assist one lucky business with its June 10th application.  To be eligible, your business must:

* Be located within the City of Little Rock

* Employ between 1-499 employees (larger businesses are eligible to be a BFB)

* Pay the $50 or $100 application fee ($50 if 1-49 employees, $100 if 50-499 employees)

What does "assist" mean? 

BikePed Little Rock will complete the application, but will need to work with your business to answer some of the questions on the application.  For example, one of the questions on the application is: "B5.  Does your business provide any of the following amenities for bicyclists?  Check all that apply".  BikePed Little Rock will complete everything it can independently, but will not necessarily know some answers (like B5) without working with/interviewing someone at your business.  You will have the opportunity to review and edit the entire application before submittal and all information shared with BikePed Little Rock will be confidential.

Will BikePed Little Rock/the BFB application process represent my business/brand well?

* By participating in this program, you will:

      * show your interest in creating a bike friendly business and community

      * be promoted on BikePed Little Rock.  The earlier you apply, the more posts will promote your business (you can opt out, see below)

* League of American Bicyclists feedback will go directly to your business and not to BikePed Little Rock.  You can choose to share and promote the feedback or not.

* BikePed Little Rock has earned the City of Little Rock approximately 10 grants totaling ~$4.4M to date.  BikePed Little Rock will insist on writing an fair/accurate application, but it will be well constructed (see also Steps to Silver).

What do we have to do to apply to BikePed Little Rock for this service?

To apply to have BikePed Little Rock complete your LAB BFC application:

* Post to your business's Facebook wall "We support bicycling in Little Rock!" tagging Facebook's BikePed Little Rock and linking to BikePed Little Rock's webpage

* BikePed Little Rock will comment on your post, confirming your application.

* BikePed Little Rock will promote all applying businesses by tagging them in posts promoting the special offer (you may opt out of this if you prefer)

* You must apply by Friday April 3rd at 11:59pm.  The drawing will be on Monday April 6th.  BikePed Little Rock will begin preparing your application for the June 10th deadline at that time.

Please contact John Landosky, with any questions.  This is a trial program.  If the process goes smoothly and is well received, we will consider making the same offer for future LAB BFC application cycles.  Good luck!