The Village at Ison Creek

The developers of The Village at Ison Creek have generously provided connectivity from the bike lanes on Pinnacle Valley Rd. through their new subdivision and out between Buffalo Wild Wings and Walgreen's (Fig. 1).  This will create a bicycle connection from Taylor Loop to Pinnacle Valley Rd. without ever riding on Cantrell as part of the greater Taylor Loop Connection.

Figure 1.  This connection will allow someone on a bike to cross Cantrell at the Taylor Loop light, ride through a quiet subdivision and onto the new Pinnacle Valley bike lanes (picture from

Bikes and motor vehicles will share the low-traffic road through most of the subdivision, but the connection between the cul-de-sac and the street behind Buffalo Wild Wings will be for bicycles and pedestrians only (and emergency vehicles when necessary) (Figs. 2-7).

Figure 2.  Details of the subdivision route between Pinnacle Valley Rd. (far right) and connection to the street behind Buffalo Wild Wings (far left).

Figure 3.  This is the view from Pinnacle Valley Rd. looking into the subdivision. 

Figure 4.  Bridge crossing Ison Creek with bollards separating a 10 ft. wide pedestrian space.

Figure 5.  Bicycle and pedestrian entrance from the cul-de-sac to the path leading to Buffalo Wild Wings.  The path is now paved!

Figure 6.  The path has a gate which can be opened by first responders and can be bypassed by bicyclists and pedestrians.

Figure 7.  The path exits onto what looks and operates like a street that leads directly to the intersection of Taylor Loop and Cantrell.