The Little Rock Zoo 

The Little Rock Zoo has long been one of Arkansas's great treasures. It all began modestly in 1926, with just two animals — an abandoned timber wolf and a circus-trained brown bear. Today, the Zoo has grown to include more than 400 animals representing 200+ species, many on the endangered list. The Little Rock Zoo itself has become one of the state's greatest educational and conservation resources.

Many exotic worlds are yours to explore at the Little Rock Zoo. Experience the majesty of elephants and rhinos. Marvel at the strength and beauty of lions, tigers and jaguars in our Big Cat Habitat. Waddle with the penguins, practice you territorial call with the siamangs, or slither around to the Reptile House to go face-to-fang with a venomous reptile. Don't forget to visit the Arkansas Heritage Farm where you can get up close with the animals. With new animal exhibits on the way, special events and educational programs, the Zoo provides an ever-changing recreational experience.

If you need a break from the action, stop in the Café Africa for a bite to eat or take a relaxing and scenic ride on the Arkansas Diamond Express. Check out the Civitan Amphitheater to see animal presentations or stop by one of our playgrounds for the kids to enjoy. Before you leave, stop by the Safari Trader Gift Shop, where you can find all sorts of ZOOvenirs to remind you of your visit. Whenever you visit, chances are you'll see something new and exciting. We look forward to seeing you at the Little Rock Zoo.

Mission Statement

To inspire people to value and conserve our natural world.

The Little Rock Zoo's master plan, updated in 2014, provides a long-term vision for future growth of one of Arkansas's greatest treasures.

Become a member for a "roaring" good time all year round!

When you become a member of the Little Rock Zoo, you not only get to take advantage of all the Zoo's excitement and thrills, you get updates on the animals. You will also enjoy discounts and special privileges during some special Zoo events and programming all while you help the Zoo realize its mission. Visit the official Little Rock Zoo website for membership information or join online. For more information, call the Little Rock Zoo Membership Office at (501) 661-7218.

So you want to volunteer at the Zoo…

If you love learning and teaching about animals, volunteering at the Little Rock Zoo might be just what you've been looking for. We have volunteer programs for adults and teens.

Education Programs

As the wildest classroom in town, we make visiting the Zoo fun with our onsite programs, guided tours, birthday parties, summer, and winter. Zoofari classes. We can also bring the Zoo to You for education programs your class or group will enjoy!

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Zoo Hours

9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Year Round)

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Meet the Director

Susan Altrui

Susan Altrui, Director
Little Rock Zoo
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