Kavanaugh Public Comments (ALL)

Below are all of the comments the City has received for the Kavanaugh project from a total of 138 residents (all personal information redacted).  Multiple comments by the same resident have been combined into one line.  Thank you for your community engagement. 

The City has reviewed and considered all of these comments. The most frequently cited concerns residents have about this corridor with its current configuration include safety for bicyclists and pedestrians, vehicular speeding, crash frequency, and protecting parked cars from being hit by moving vehicles; evidence and professional best practices show the project would have positive effects on all of these concerns. 

Concerns residents had about altering the street's design primarily related to the amount of available parking where bike lanes will be added.  To put that concern into context, approximately 70 observations, day and night and all days of the week, including a historic deep dive using Google streetview going back as far as 2007, show that parking demand will not exceed capacity for any block, day or night, with the new configuration (Figs. 6 and 7).  This does not invalidate parking concerns, residents may not be able to park immediately in front of their house as often as they currently do and residents who choose to park on Kavanaugh may have to cross the street to access their home or car. 

The City is committed to accommodating the needs of our residents and our street grid and has changed the proposed project's design to mitigate concerns expressed in these comments whenever those changes would not compromise the overall integrity of the project.

  For Against Unclear Notes
I'm a Conway resident but travel to Little Rock frequently to ride. My main comment is one of concern with the proposed sections of road with the bike lane directly next to parking - this is extremely dangerous with the possibility of someone parking and then opening a door directly into passing cyclists (also known as "dooring") or pulling out into a cyclist when leaving parking spot. I would suggest the use of chicanes for calming and to keep motor vehicle speeds closer to that of cyclists on sections where the grade isn't steep. If there is a grade on the road, parking could be added in the "downhill" lane and cyclists could use the same lane as cars, and on the uphill there could be a cycle lane installed. I believe this would accomplish the same goals in a safer way.   1    
I believe protected bike lanes will invite a safer community for pedestrians, runners and bicyclists. This increases the safety of our community but also encourages the use of non-vehicle transportation. As we know this is great for our air quality and cuts down on the wear and tear of our roadways. This addition will not only keep people safe, it normalizes and promotes the inclusion of biking as a standard and economical mode of transportation. 1      
I am for better bike lanes on Kavanaugh, though the worst part of that section is trying to get across Markham on a bike to get onto Kavanaugh. Its terrifying. 1      
Could we please put signs up that say “Public Parking -à” on Kavanaugh that direct people to park in the lot behind Pulaski Heights Baptist Church?  This would help supplement any parking taken away by the bike lanes.  Also, Hillcrest just needs this.     1  
My opnion is this is not needed nor will it improve a street flow of traffic. It’s not broke so let’s not fix it. Those so called bike lanes on Louisana street are an idea that does not work. Just leave it alone for those of us that are patrons of the area. Please. Go fix something that needs fixing   1    
What about cross-walks and alerts/blinking lights and/or additional sinag for CROSS-walks? I've been almost hit by cars several times using the cross-walk because cars do not respect the pedestrian presence in the neighborhood. Any prospects for additonal SPEED BUMPS to slow cars down?     1 The concerns the resident has are for safer pedestrian crossings and slowing traffic, both of which the project would improve.  Still, it wasn't clear from the comments that the resident supports (or opposes) this project.   Recorded as "unclear"
100% support this project. A couple of suggestions I would like to have considered: In purple corridor please put more crosswalks; Especially where Kavanaugh curves before hitting Markham; On the line between where cars drive and the buffer, please make that line corrugated (I believe she means rubber strips. I may have talked to this person at the meeting) so cars are aware they ae moving into the bike lane. 1      
I am opposed to the proposed removal of street parking to create dedicated bike lane(s) on Kavanaugh Blvd. Hillcrest needs this parking, because many homes do not have off-street parking. Furthermore, Kavanaugh is not an important link/connector for bike traffic. The parking needs of the majority of residents should not be usurped for a small minority of bicycle enthusiasts.  I'm opposed to the bike lane in Hillcrest. It will disproportionately impact Hillcrest residents and their parking compared to a small minority of bikers. (3 comments combined)   1    
Dear Mr. Hopkins: As the managing member of XXXX; I wish to express my general support for the construction of dedicated bicycle lanes along Kavanaugh from Van Buren to Markham streets. The bike lanes will encourage non-automotive transportation, something the City of Little Rock needs to do more of. It should also be a positive with respect to improving the desirability of the neighborhood. As a retired public transportation professional, I would note that the proposed 10-foot vehicular lanes are somewhat tight for 102-inch urban transit buses when you include their exterior side mirrors. I assume that the planned 1.5 foot wide striped buffer zones will allow the continued safe operation of Rock Region Metro buses on Kavanaugh. I would also ask the City's design team to work with Rock Region Metro's planners to make sure that the bicycle lane and bus stops are safely designed for both bus riders and cyclists. Finally, Little Rock could have more funding available for bicycle infrastructure and transit improvements if it stopped Metroplan and ArDOT from inappropriately using CMAQ funds for road widening 1      
Regarding Block 19, between Jackson and Van Buren, how will the intersection change? Currently there is a raised concrete triangle; also a lot of traffic backing up Kavanaugh trying to merge at the intersection, at peak travel times. Due to the nature of this intersection, will there be parking allowed through out this entire section?     1 intersection at Van Buren
Using observed behaviors is a logical component of adjustment. Baseball teams position defenses based upon batter's known tendencies all the time. The correlation between lane width and drivers speeds looks well thought out and documented.  This alone is reason enough to implement the proposed bike lanes
Speeding drivers on Kavanaugh is an on going issue for law enforcement, but it's hardly the planning department's focus.  Too bad the annoying lady couldn't grasp the concept.
Nice presentation. I walk a lot on K.B., so I'm all in.
The project proposes to move all parking in Zones 1, 2, 3 and 5 to the north side of Kavanaugh in order to keep the existing parking at the Promenade at Allsopp Park. However, the primary demand for street parking in Zones 1 and 2 (from Markham to Pine) is on the south side of Kavanaugh due to the numerous (over 50 apartments in Zone 1) residents on the south side that do not have private parking or dedicated parking lots. These residents will be forced to cross the street to get to their homes, which is especially dangerous in the curve between Louise and Berry St. We have many residents over 60 (including me and my wife) that will be at risk when crossing the street in the center of that curve at night. The north side of Kavanaugh from Markham to Pine has either single family residents or apartments with dedicated off street parking lots, so there would be no negative impact to them if the parking is on the south side of the street. A much safer design would put the parking on the south side of Kavanaugh from Markham to Pine for Zones 1 and 2, then transition the parking to the north side between Pine and Elm for Zones 3 and 5. I support the addition of dedicated bike lanes on Kavanaugh, but only if the street parking is on the south side of the street in Zones 1 and 2. Otherwise the risk of serious injury to pedestrians crossing the street, especially in the curves, is simply too great. 1     Resident stated support for the bike lanes if parking on the south side in Zones 1 and 2, which it now is.
The new plans are great! Thank you for listening to the concerns in the community. This restriping will benefit the whole community and many types of commuters. 1      
Thank you so much for this wonderful addition to our community! One change that you may want to consider is putting the car parking next to the car lane (referencing figure 1 of the 18Aug2021 Kavanaugh Bike Lanes document: starting from left to right, green bike lane, white buffer, car road, then gray parking, white buffer, green bike lane). The parked cars will act as a buffer for the bikers and you will not have cars crossing over the bike lane to park. This creates a safer situation for everyone. Yet again, thank you for helping make the community safer and easier to commute as a bike rider! 1      
I am very disappointed that we didn’t start by getting people together & establishing a common goal. I truly believe there should be a solution that would work for all rather than pitting people against each other. There are a number of safety & parking issues that people who do not live in the neighborhood are not aware of. The city should have asked people and worked with them rather than come with a plan & no intentions of taking into consideration the concerns of Hillcrest residents. Were the fire department & other emergency providers included in the proposal? What about the Farmer’s Market, apartment owners whose residents don’t have parking now? Students at UAMS & teachers at Pulaski Heights use many of the side streets for parking making an already congested area worse. We are cyclists as well as residents who walk in the neighborhood. I think most people would love a solution that all helped create. Instead we have 2 groups pitted against each other & forced to take sides rather than truly listen & learn. It didn’t have to be this way. I still believe there is an opportunity to bring the 2 sides together and find a compromise. Please consider this. We all want what is best & safest for the most people - not just a few who do not live in the neighborhood. This is a historic neighborhood where people walk, bike, children play, lots of pets, etc. but it is also close to major roads & there is a lot of traffic, moving vans, emergency vehicles, school buses, delivery trucks, & sanitation trucks. People already have trouble getting trash & recycling picked up because cars are blocking the trucks. Please pause & work with the neighborhood to find an alternative that works for everyone. Thank you.   1    
As a former resident, I see this as a wonderful addition to the community 1      
To be clear, I am opposed to this project. I also live right on Kavanaugh and regularly ride a bike throughout the neighborhood. I would like to know how many comments you actually received, and I would like to know how many of those people actually live in Hillcrest? As for traffic going too fast, did you consider other options? For example, a couple of traffic circles could significantly reduce speed. In particular I am thinking of the intersection by First Baptist Church where there are regular accidents. A traffic circle could slow traffic, making bikers happier, and cut down on accidents. Finally, I know I have already told you this, but you are massively undercounting parking demand by my house. There is an 18 to 20 unit apartment complex that has largely been empty due to renovations for the last year. There is no off street parking at the complex or the duplexes behind it. You have demand at 11 spots along my block. There is no way your number is even close to accurate and that doesn't even include my wife, myself, our guests, and our neighbors, who we share one driveway with.   1    
The cons of having bike lanes on Kavanaugh significantly outweigh ANY pros. Businesses and the TRUE residents of the neighborhood would be adversely affected by the bike lanes, just so a handful of bikers are afforded the opportunity to risk their lives on the busiest street in Hillcrest. Parking would be hectic and affect those homeowners on the side streets of Hillcrest (who already have little parking capacity). The common good is important—not the preferences of a few West Little Rock bikers.   1    
This bike lane would make Hillcrest and Stifft Station much more rider friendly. I cycle through the area 3-4 times per week and have had several close calls due to cars parked on both sides of the street. 2 bike lanes with 1 side of parking makes more sense and would eliminate some of the safety hazard plus greater visibility of the businesses on Kavanaugh. 1      
I strongly support the bike lane proposal and hope that the success of this initiative will lead to the Heights being similarly restriped as well as Kavanaugh Hill between Van Buren and Cantrell. Thank You! 1      
I am strongly opposed to this project. The primary reason is that it will be very unsafe and inconvenient to the residents who live on Kavanaugh Blvd in the areas affected. Due to the lack of driveways/garages on this historic street, residents have always had to rely on street parking. When they bought their house, they knew that street parking was an option for them. Now, the owners/renters on the "wrong" side of the street will have to park (if they can find a spot), and then cross the street, with bags of groceries or children, or both, in their arms, and try to avoid cars and bikes on this busy street. This seems like a classic, selfish, "not in my backyard" scenario. Let's increase our biking opportunity, but only at the expense of someone else's safety and convenience!! Secondly, I can't believe that this plan was hatched in almost complete secrecy by an obviously pro-bike group of city planner types. The meetings should be set up to present the plan for feedback, not to educate us on a plan that seems like a done deal. The only people who appear to have known about this before are the pro-bikers associated with the City government, not real people. At the very least, there needs to be a 1 yr sunset clause on this plan, so that a year after it is enacted we can see objective measurements of its effect. For example: how many riders are using it daily; is there a change in the number of accidents; any serious injuries to pedestrians; what has been the effect on the residents. Finally, I have heard that people who live on Kavanaugh, or in the area, have put up signs opposing this plan, and these have all been taken down at night. I don't know if that is true, but if so, this should be mentioned at the meeting tonight. I am not currently a resident of the area, but have been in the past, so I will not be at the meeting, but I will be watching closely for how it turns out. I think this is a huge mistake, and I am ashamed for our city how it came about.  Please please please do NOT put bike lands on Kavanaugh!!! (2 comments combined)   1    
I think the city needs to adapt to and allow cyclist to ride on sidewalks when there are no pedestrians using them or it won't interfere with them. I have been in several large cities that allow this. Now back to the design. Its a nice design but isn't very practical. Having cars park and bikes ride by will be an issue. Bikes will run into car doors and cars will run into bikes. (2 comments combined)   1    
Strong support. The slow speeds in the Hillcrest shopping area is fine but the hills, the curves, the speeds make traveling from Allsopp park to Markham a challenging experience, and one that only vehicular cyclists are likely to attempt. 1      
My husband, Don, and I, both oppose the Bike lane on Kavanaugh, as well as the eliminating parking on one side of Kavanaugh.  A lot of residents at the lower end of Kavanaugh have no choice, but to park on the street, and with your new plan, many residents on Kavanaugh would be forced to park a block or two away from their home. I respect bikers at all times and I’m not against them on the roads, but I don’t think making a bike lane would matter, I’m sure they will continue riding in the middle of the road.  From what I see, the city does not even take care of the bike lanes they have.  Take a drive up the hill passed MSM on Kavanaugh and look to your left and you will see that bike lane is overgrown with weeds.  There’s no way a biker can even ride in that bike lane. Kavanaugh has some crazy drivers who speedily pass other cars because they are not speeding down Kavanaugh.  I’ve seen this on numerous occasions and it is very dangerous as Kavanaugh has no passing areas.  How about more police presence today prevent that, if you want it to be safer. Most of all, I don’t appreciate the opinions of people who don’t even live in Hillcrest having a voice in a decision involving our neighborhood just because they drive down Kavanaugh every now & then.  I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate just anyone coming to their neighborhoods trying to change up things.  I don’t appreciate it at all.  Some of the non Hillcrest residents at your meeting were quite rude to us who live in Hillcrest.  One of my friends was having a discussion with the guy from CV and his reply to her concerns was, “boo hoo”.  Another guy told one of our residents that she was just a horny old lady (WTH?!!!).  I don’t respect them enough to even want to hear them after that. Thanks for your time, but I feel like your “meeting” was a joke and a waste of time and I feel like the Hillcrest residents’ opinions don’t even matter to you.  I respect bikers, but a bike lane on Kavanaugh in the heart of Hillcrest would really cause problems. There are so many cars parked everywhere throughout the neighborhood due to all the gathering places/restaurants now. I can’t imagine how bad it will get if you take parking off one side of Kavanaugh. Right now, we see several cars passing another one on Kavanaugh bc they weren’t going 50 mph. It’s very unsafe. You might want to take a drive on Kavanaugh between MSM & Cantrell and check out the condition of the present bike lanes. They are constantly overgrown w/weeds. No one keeps the weeds out of the bike lanes. I would suggest cleaning that up first. IMO. Thank you for letting me voice my 2 cents on that subject. (2 comments combined)   1    
I would seriously suggest that bike lanes be put on less-trafficed street, i.e. Woodland.  I am disabled and have to park on Kavanaugh.  My car has been hit twice and third time totaled May 1, 2021.  The people go 50-60 miles an hour in 25 mile an hour zone.  The street is too narrow for bike lanes – should consider less trafficked area for safety sake of residents as well as bikers!!!   1    
The bike lane proposal would be disruptive to existing commerce and residential parking. As a long time resident of Hillcrest, I am not in favor of the bike lane proposal.   1    
I am in favor of adding bike lanes to Kavanaugh. I think it will be great for our city. We need more pedestrian and bike friendly streets, and Kavanaugh is a great opportunity for this. It is extra wide because of the old trolley, so there is plenty of space to do this. It will increase property values in the area and along the street, it will encourage healthy living (biking and walking), it will slow the cars down, which is a problem right now in our city. It is win-win-win all the way around. I love the design the city has proposed, and fully support it. Way to go guys! Can't wait to see it and ride/walk/drive on the finished improvement.  I ride my bike to work almost every day, and I fully support this project and think that it will be very good for Little Rock. I often ride on Kavanaugh, and it can be quite harrowing zig-zagging in and out of the parked cars, worrying about cars coming up behind you, watching out for pedestrians, etc. This project looks like it will really solve the problems we have on Kavanaugh currently, making the street much safer for everyone as well as making it more people friendly instead of just being about cars. It should also help our city compete with other cities as people look for places to live in the future. Cities with good bike infrastructure are going to grow and progress, cities without bike infrastructure are going to decline and die. I want Little Rock to grow and progress, and become a place that attracts young people, families, new businesses, etc., and this project will move us in the right direction for that to occur. To not do this project is to stay stuck in the past, and we will continue to see Little Rock stagnant or declining. I saw the recent census numbers on Little Rock recently, and if I am not mistaken we have not grown much as a city in the last 30 years - still right around 200,000 residents. Our growth in the last 10 years has been around 3.8%, vs. over 20% for Nashville during that same period. Projects like this will help our city become more attractive to people as a place to live, work, and raise a family. Please move forward with this project. Thanks. (3 comments combined) 1      
I have not heard a single argument to explain why this (the bike lanes project) is needed.  I understand the want to get people biking to work, but most people do not have access to showers at their work.  I find that to be fairly elitist actually.  I am a state worker and do not have such facilities at my office.  I am 100% certain my coworkers would not be OK with taking a sponge bath in the communal bathroom each morning. Also how should one transport boxes/bags of kitty litter, whole roast chickens, and gallons of milk from the grocery store while on a bike? How are people with small children, disabilities, or elderly family members supposed to load/unload without obstructing the bike lane? I have yet to have these questions answered by anyone.   1    
I believe the proposed changes to Kavanaugh Blvd. would enhance the Hillcrest neighborhood as well as the driving/walking/biking experience on the street. I fully support these changes and am grateful that the study took into account the parking needs on the street. For too long, we have ignored all but car amenities on our streets. The changes to Kavanaugh will be an excellent venture into truly bike and walk friendly streets for Little Rock's older; neighborhoods where street parking is a necessity in some cases.  1      
YES to bike lanes on Kavanaugh! Like it or not, Kavanaugh is one of the most popular streets used by cyclists, runners and walkers in the city. Early in the morning, on most days, you would think some kind of running event was taking place from 5:30 a.m. until well after 8:00 a.m. I am one of those early morning users and I see it first hand. Lanes already exist from Cantrell Road to Mt. St. Mary's and this proposal to keep and extend them all the way to Markham is reasonable. Anything we can do to calm traffic and separate bikes and pedestrians from cars is beneficial to everyone. As a resident from 1972, I favor everything that helps keep Hillcrest a "bike-able", walkable neighborhood. 1      
Thank you for the mailed materials. I live on the south side of Kavanaugh. I periodically have issues with cars parking on the street and blocking my driveway so I cannot get in or out. With fewer parking spaces on Kavanuagh, the frequency could increase. What are city's rules on parking on the street and blocking a homeowner's driveway? My neighbor has a permanent sign that says "do not block driveway". Is that necessary?   1    
Please consider doing a 6 month pilot/trial period. If it does not work, then the paint can be put back as it was.     1  
PLEASE do NOT eliminate any curb parking along Kavanaugh.  Most neighbors I've talked to (all but one) this week told me this week was the first they heard about the city's greenways plans and how it might reduce or eliminate parking spaces in Hillcrest and Heights. Most are NOT members of HRA or HMA. Most usually do not read mailers from them b/c they don't consider themselves members of or represented by the organizations. There seems to be a large group of stakeholders (residents, businesses, and visitor/tourists) who were either misidentified or ignored.  I appreciate the email message and invitation. Impairments that impact functional capacity vary by individual and category of impairment, as well as condition and severity. It would be presumptuous of me to offer some personal experience as representative of the whole community. Everyone is unique. However, Disability Rights Arkansas, Arkansas Disability Coalition, and/or Arkansas State Independent Living Council may be able to help. Advocating for and supporting rights of disabled people and creating more inclusive communities are their missions, so I strongly encourage you to contact one of these organizations or councils for guidance, referral, and/or other resources. I am not opposed to bike lanes (or getting rid of cars all together someday) but I think some balance is required. A good understanding of the current landscape will help avoid introducing new risks. The plan to add bike lanes (contingent on eliminating parking on Kavanaugh) seems to overlook the higher cost + inconvenience it will cause, a factor that I think is driving tear-downs in our real estate market as it is. The majority (if not all) of current residents commute by vehicle (see 2019 American Communities Survey for relevant block groups via US Census). Patrons of local businesses still drive. Parking has been a major problem for quite a while. It's already expensive to own property and rent a home here so increasing "real estate friction" will only discourage people from living or shopping in the area, which in turn will impact economic activity, businesses, and households. (Summary of comments specifically related to bike lanes). (3 comments combined)   1    
I see this as a much needed addition to the existing bicycling infrastructure that currently exists. Kavanaugh is the perfect street to implement this type of street striping. It’s time to act and beg for forgiveness later! Those objecting need to broaden their perspective and accept this kind of progress for LR. (2 comments combined) 1      
It is my belief that the proposed bike lane will make a bad situation worse. There is speeding all hours of the day or night. It's only a matter of time before something seriously bad happens. XXX's car was totaled about three months ago. She was unable to park anywhere but on Kavanaugh due to her limited mobility. I have serious doubts that bikers will utilize the bike lanes. I am for the sport, but from what I've witnessed, it is every man for himself. A resounding "No"!   1    
I am opposed to any effort to reduce the available parking along Kavanaugh Boulevard. The Hillcrest neighborhood does not have enough parking. I do not believe it is appropriate to reduce parking even more. Once it goes away, I believe it will be very difficult to reinstate more parking in the neighborhood. I also am opposed to giving up any portion of the street for a dedicated bicycle lane. I do not see enough bicyclists in the area to justify adding the bike lanes through Hillcrest. Thank you.   1    
NO - This is not warranted by any means and to limit owners and guests by giving cyclists more rights. NO   1    
I returned to Little Rock after living in New Orleans for three years. While in NOLA, I rarely used my vehicle because the city was so bikeable. Having a bikeable city with dedicated infrastructure helps alleviate parking concerns, builds community and -- what i think is most important right now to Little Rock -- shows drivers that bikers are supposed to use the road. Little Rock drivers are hostile toward bikers on the road. Thank you. 1      
I fully support the proposed bike lanes along Kavanaugh Boulevard. This is my bike-to-work commute route, but due to safety concerns I typically choose to either ride 3x as far along the Rivertrail or more often, just drive instead. I would love to bike commute more regularly, and this change would be a low-cost, low-effort way for the city to make the ride significantly safer and more appealing. I would suggest that the city consider switching the parking and bike lane locations on the westward (uphill) side, at least along the portion of Kavanaugh with the steepest incline, so that the parked cars serve as an additional buffer between cyclists and adjacent traffic. I am quite a slow climber on my bike, and the additional buffer would make me feel much more comfortable about the speed differential between myself and vehicular traffic. 1      
I am president of Arkansas Bicycle Club. We now use Kavanaugh from Markham to the Heights. Dedicated bike lanes would make it clear where cars should drive to make bicyclists safer. We use the new trail from the Kavanaugh Promenade through Allsopp Park. This and bike lanes along Kav. will encourage us to buy at stores along the way such as Mylo Coffee, Mugs, Ozark Outdoor and Boulevard Bread along the way. Our friend was killed on a bicycle on Kav. just north of Cantrell on the curve since it was not clear where the car was supposed to be. The bike lanes will calm the traffic and they will know where to stay. This has worked very well on 12th St. and S. Main. 1      
I was thrilled to see the thought that has gone into this project.  The issues of all stakeholders seem to have been taken into account.  I am a 69 year old who bikes for recreation and transportation.  The recreational trails are excellent.  Transportation for bikers is horrible.  Going east and west, a biker takes his life into his hands.  I was disappointed that the freeway expansion did not include any planning for bikes at all.  This Kavanaugh piece will go at least a time way to correcting the problem.  I hope it extends all the way to Cantrell and beyond. I agree with other commenters that additional crosswalks should be put in. Otherwise, it is great.   1      
I like the idea of bike lanes on Kavanaugh but I think there are better options. My suggestion is make the sidewalk on the north side of the road wider. It is currently 5' wide not including the curb. You could make it 8-10' wide with a curb and it would accommodate two-way traffic for walkers and bikers alike. This would only take up 3-5' of street space as opposed to your plan. Also, the bike lanes from Hocott's Garden center north toward Cantrell are not maintained properly. There is only one side of the road that is currently, and every year, unusable due to the constant weed growth. 1     create sidepath on north side
As a Hillcrest resident, I believe it is imperative to add proper biking lanes to our neighborhood. Kavanaugh would be a strong start for bike-connection projects in the city. Please make Hillcrest more bicycle, pedestrian, and family-friendly. 1      
The proposed bike lane on Kavanaugh does not seem to reflect much research/study. Who is the targeted user? I would never take a young child on a bike in this lane! The die-hard bike riders already navigate streets all over the city w/no bike lanes. Ain’t gonna make a difference to them! So, who will use this? It reminds me of the quite limited bike lane on Fair Park added some years ago. (Between golf course and playground.) It goes nowhere on either end. I have NEVER seen anyone on a bike in this bike lane! What is the POINT?! What benefit does this provide to the Hillcrest community? Or anyone, for that mater? Do other cities utilize these types of disconnected bike lanes? I have never seen this in other cities. Maybe distribute questionnaires first & research what other cities w/similar neighborhoods do. I can see no benefits. Enlighten us. First. What do the commercial businesses think? What do they believe the benefit to them is? WHO & WHAT is the bike lane for? Outline perceived pros & cons, please.   1    
As a frequent bike rider, car driver, and pedestrian on Kavanaugh, I applaud you for taking this action. It can be improved by swapping the bike lanes with the parking lanes where both exist adjacent to each other. Having the bike lanes next to where the sidewalk is will eliminate the danger of getting doored. granted it will take a little training for car drivers to park farther away from curb. 1      
Hi, I am writing to state my objection to the Kavanaugh Bike Lane. Hillcrest already has limited parking and to reduce parking by nearly 50% in front of many people's homes, who do not necessarily have off-street parking is not something I think is a good idea for the Hillcrest Community. I walk Kavanaugh every day, and I rarely see bicyclists on Kavanaugh. To interrupt the daily parking of Hillcrest Residents for a small group of bicyclist's does not seem to be in the best interest of our neighborhood. Parking is already limited, visual ability to turn onto Kavanaugh is also limited and to add parking on only one side of the street will make pulling out of our neighborhood streets even more difficult. Thanks   1    
We need these bike lanes on Kavanaugh to make connections to Downtown for safety. I wholeheartedly support this effort. Good for business, pedestrians, Tourism and cyclists. Will make our city a better and more live able place. And CONNECT THE DILLARDS RIVERTRAIL FINALLY. We need it. Look what NW AR has done, and the tourism it has brought there. 1      
This would be a nice addition to the area to make it even better 1      
I am VERY much in favor of plan as described. Let's make Hillcrest safer and an even more desirable place to live. 1      
Hello, I live in hillcrest and am in support of the bike lanes to be added to sections on kavanaugh. The most important issue is bike safety. Bikes don’t know where to ride on this street. Cars honk at them, clip their elbows, and even yell at bikes often. The parking issue shouldn’t take priority to that, in addition I don’t believe parking will be an issue for the area the lanes will go in. Lastly, I believe adding bike lanes and improving our transportation options makes our city more desirable. It makes our neighborhood more desirable. Please do not let a few sour attitudes who do know fully understand the consequences to not adding these bike lanes ruin it for this community. 1      
I am strongly opposed to these proposed changes. The severe lack of parking in the business district has forced public parking more than three blocks off Kavanaugh onto the street parking for the residents of our townhouse complex at XXX. There are nights when we have NO parking near our home, as establishments such as Hill Station, which has very little parking to begin with, have blocked off their lots and installed permanent tents in those spaces. Eliminating parking on one side of Kavanaugh will make this issue SO much worse, as the city continue to cate to the biking population, which is overwhelmingly wealthy. I hope that the city will scrap this wasteful and unnecessary plan.   1    
I attended the public meeting on 8/26/21 regarding the proposed plan for bike lanes on Kavanaugh Blvd. I asked three basic questions to the civil engineering division manager and the plan designer regarding the proposed plan. Neither the civil engineering division manager nor the plan designer could provide a direct response to any of these basic questions. My experience was that they were present to market their plan and not to understand and address valid concerns from those who will be most impacted by this plan. I asked the following questions: How many of those proposing these changes actually occupy or own property in the area impacted (Kavanaugh Blvd and surrounding residential streets)? How will this project impact traffic flow along alternate side streets for motorists who want to avoid Kavanaugh Blvd because of the changes pursuant to implementing this plan? How will outcomes from implementing this plan be objectively monitored and reported to the public and specifically to the impacted residents? Specifically, what changes in traffic accidents/injuries/fatalities, etc. will be monitored and reported? (this includes bikers, pedestrians, and both parked and traveling automobiles).   1    
Hello, My boyfriend is a professional cyclist living in the Hillcrest area. Every day I worry that during his training a car will hit him since he has to use Kavanaugh to get out to rural roads to ride for hours. Some citizens don't understand the rules of the road when it comes to cyclists. Without designated lanes some vehicles get very very close to hitting him. And he has quite a few stories about being forced off the road as well. Many cyclists have actually left central arkansas to go to nwa due to the bike friendly nature up in nwa's community. I would hate for professional cyclists, families and hobbyists to not feel safe using kavanaugh on their bike. A designated lane helps ensure cyclists have the space they need to ride safely. Thank you 1      
As a business owner and resident living and working on the corner of Kavanaugh and N Pine in Hillcrest, there is already a lack of parking for residents and clients in Hillcrest, what is desperately needed is more parking, not less. And as a witness to constant speeding in Hillcrest and constant traffic accidents, i feell that adding bike lanes and reducing parking will be the cause of more traffic incidents and loss of business due to lack of covenient and safe parking.   1    
Here is an email I previously sent Mr. Landowsky. My sentiment remains. I am OPPOSED to removing parking on Kavanaugh. Thank you for the PDF versions. I believe the website had parking on the south side of the street, but per the updates that has changed to the north side of the street. This is even worse, in my opinion, as I don't want my 9 year old son and 6 year old nephew regularly crossing Kavanaugh. Again, I believe the current car counts you have in your documents are inaccurate due to the apartment complex across the street emptying out over the past year in anticipation of a sale and renovations. There is also not a lot of available parking on my end of Ridgeway so a side street in not an option. An item that I don't believe was taken into consideration were service vehicles (such as landscapers and remodeling companies) and moving vans which are a regular part of Hillcrest. Currently there is a renovation dumpster across the street and there is about to be one on my side of Kavanaugh as well. Have traffic circles been considered as an alternative option? Adding them at Lee, Cedar and Van Buren sound like a better way to slow down vehicles without taking away more than half of the currently available parking.   1    
I am opposed to eliminating parking on one side of Kavanaugh. In the letter that we received recently it was said that “the majority of public comment was positive”. I do not believe that these comments were from the Hillcrest residents who would be directly impacted. Bikers who neither live nor ride in Hillcrest posted the link in forums and those were the positive comments you received (which I found through Google searches after the original project closed). The majority of Hillcrest residents were not aware of this proposal until a neighbor posted it to the Nextdoor app in the past week. I can assure you that the majority of comments are NEGATIVE there. Did you separate comments into a) Hillcrest residents, b) bikers who bike in Hillcrest and c) all others? They should also be ranked with Hillcrest residents’ opinions being weighted heavily as we will be the ones impacted. And those responders who neither live nor bike in Hillcrest should not be accounted for. There is now a change.org petition asking the city to reconsider and “pause this plan to eliminate half of Kavanaugh parking and allow the residents and those whose daily lives will be negatively impacted by the change to have a voice and a vote in this matter”. Almost 200 people have already signed that petition. The comments on the Nextdoor app can be found at https://bit.ly/3jeVsG2. I have collected a sampling below to ensure you that this proposal is viewed negatively by the vast majority of Hillcrest residents. “I see the elimination of parking on Kavanaugh in Hillcrest in similar terms as the widening of I-30. It’s one more burden on the people who live there and one more perk for people who live elsewhere and cut through the neighborhood to get somewhere else. It’s not easy to live in the city. Elimination of parking just makes it harder. I have property on Kavanaugh which is not affected by this plan but will be in the next plan. Sounds like I will need to pave more property to make way for the bike paths.” “My concern is parking for those people who live on Kavanaugh between Markham and Van Buren. I occasionally pass cyclists on Kavanaugh, but do not sense there is any over crowding or difficulties with those riding bikes. As there are a number of multi-family units along this route, plus houses that have one lane driveways and/or one-car garages, I feel this will be a definite inconvenience for those folks.” “You are talking about changing the status quo, giving the cyclists something they do not already have, a dedicated lane, taking it away from those that are already using it. Cyclists already have access to the roadway. You are taking something away from someone for the benefit of another, who already has access to the roadway.” “Expectating the people that have invested their time and efforts to buy and maintain these homes, at great expense in most cases, to have to change their homes and lifestyle so a very small percentage of the public can ride through their neighborhood on bicycles is totally absurd.” “As a cyclist who lives/works nearby, uses these businesses and drives this area almost daily, I strongly oppose this plan” “The problem with Kavanaugh for those who live there is that the road is very dangerous to cross and at least on lower Kavanaugh there really aren’t viable spots for crosswalks because it isn’t a grid (like it is in the “commercial” area). I lost two cars on Kavanaugh and I surely wouldn’t want to have to hustle small children and groceries and whatever else across that street the way people speed there. The city needs to drop the speed limit on Kavanaugh and then enforce it until habits are changed. I have nothing against bikes, but they already have a right to the road as currently designed. Creating a hazard for pedestrians and residents of the neighborhood isn’t a solution.” “I think bike lanes, especially unprotected ones, might create more problems than they solve. They can give cyclists a false sense of security and therefore make them less aware. Cars are also more likely to pass cyclists when there is a dedicated bike lane, increasing the likelihood of a sideswipe.” “I tend to agree, surprisingly enough, that unprotected bike lanes, especially too narrow without really good signage/marking can be dangerous. People naively think “this line on the road makes me safe,” and that can be super UNsafe. Depending on the situation, I will choose to ride as a car in the road if the designated bike lane puts me in more danger.” “the cyclists are asking that everyone’s tax money be used to give them something the motorists don’t have: a dedicated lane.” “I’ve always thought “you know what Hillcrest needs? LESS PARKING!” 🙄” “After reading this proposal, it seems the simpler thing to do is drop the speed limit along Kavanaugh and then bullishly enforce it. It essentially hopes that pedestrians will fare better, but those slight curves at lower Kavanaugh are pretty treacherous to cover on foot at the current speed limit and again, there’s no way to put in crosswalks (nor really any stated plan to do so) other than shortening of existing crosswalks in the “square” becoming safer since pedestrians are in them for less time.” “I’m just curious, how many cyclist do we have in this city? This stuff cost money and I think there’s better use for these funds at THIS TIME. We’re already spending a ton of $$$ for a pathway from Little Rock to Hot Springs. It just seems like we’ve been pouring money into projects that benefit what ? 10% of the population. I’m just curious what the agenda is here with all the bike paths” I am very concerned that the residents what will be most impacted by this are unaware of the potential changes. The majority of Kavanaugh street parking is done on the south side of the street and takes place in front of multi-residents houses and apartments. was an effort made to contact each invidivual resident, or did the city leave it up to the landlords to do so? “Closer to 1%” (2 comments combined)   1    
I strongly support the creation of these bike lanes. We want to encourage cycling while not endangering them or disrupting traffic. 1      
We are strongly opposed to bike lane along Kavanaugh near Ridgeway. We have a 100 year old building with already VERY limited parking available. If not parking is allowed along Kavanaugh in front of our building, we will be left 4 parking spaces for a 18 unit building. Bike lanes are nice but should not be highest priority when sidewalks and other areas are already available. We strongly oppose this change and appreciate your attention to our position. Thank you!   1    
We constantly have a problem with speeding cars on lower Kavanaugh. In the 1400 Kavanaugh block, we regularly have accidents on the south side when cars lose control in the curve at Lee Ave and careen into parked cars on that side. This is especially bad during and after rain/snow events. Please check police accident reports over the past five years for documentation of this - at least one of them involved more than four cars. We think this curve should be exempt from the requirement that all street parking be on the south side. Otherwise, the new lanes will force residents and their visitors to park "in the bulls-eye" for potential side-swipes and collisions.     1 stop bike lanes on a certain block
I support bike lanes on Kavanaugh Blvd. through Hillcrest. This route is a major part of my commute between the Leawood neighborhood and the Capitol Complex. Bike lanes would make my commute to and from work much safer. 1      
Great idea on the bike lanes on Kavanaugh! My wife and I bike regularly. Shopping, eating, enjoying the area. It would be great to have bike lanes esp to feel safer. We would bike even more. Keep up the good work City of LR!  1      
I would be thrilled to see this project implemented as currently planned. I am a homeowner who lives just blocks from an affected area of Kavanaugh Blvd, and a person who walks along and across Kavanaugh every day. The lanes are too wide, especially east from Alsopp to Markham. I have had several close calls with speeding inattentive drivers on Kavanaugh while I was using a marked crosswalk in broad daylight. Narrower lanes and other traffic calming changes will help with this. Sharrows notwithstanding, riding a bicycle along this stretch is currently a death wish. I frequently drive on Kavanaugh, and it is hard to see how these changes would inconvenience any driver, except by making them travel at a speed more appropriate for a residential neighborhood. Anyone driver truly in a hurry can just take Markham or Cantrell. 1      
Bike lanes are proven to be beneficial and safer for the community. I cycle the stretch often and it is not safe for cyclists. 1      
I am strongly in favor of these bike lanes. Pedestrian safety is an issue on Kavanaugh, and this project would increase access and safety for pedestrians and bikers  I strongly support the project with the modifications resulting from public comment. I live and bike in the area, and I believe that this project will improve my safety while biking. (2 comments combined) 1      
I am against this project because I do not think it is currently needed.  Cyclists who currently use Kavanaugh now have enough room to negotiate.  I think this project will create a most undue hardship if this project goes through, on those residents on Kavanaugh and side streets.   It will complicate to no end and increase the physical danger people living there trying to load / unload groceries, children, and others.  I do not think it is needed and it will be a boon to a minority compared to the rest of town.   1    
I feel strongly that the city is GROSSLY under estimating the amount of parking required on Kavanaugh. We have 18 units that will be full very soon. Right now the usage on the north side of Kavanaugh at Ridgeway STILL takes up most of the space available. If you eliminate any parking on the north side, you WILL SERIOUSLY HAMPER OUR ABILITY TO LEASE UNITS AT OUR PROPERTY. this property has existed for over 100 years. Parking for housing should come before the FEW PEOPLE that ride bikes and can use sidewalks!! PLEASE take our request for a denial of this plan seriously.   1    
Would love for these bike lanes to be installed. Currently ride my bike along this Kavanaugh strip to Kroger and sometimes down to Markham. This would connect bike lanes to current trails and make Hillcrest much more safely bikeable. 1      
Bike lanes for Kavanaugh! Please! 1      
I am writing to express my concerns with the proposed Kavanaugh Blvd bike lane changes, which would effectively remove my building's street parking and require us to walk across Kavanaugh on a daily basis to reach our building after parking elsewhere. We live right on a very sharp curve in the road, and cars approach very quickly around the blind turn. To have to walk across this part of the road daily (and often with my leashed dog) is not safe and puts us all at risk. I do not want the burden of these hazardous changes to affect our families. Please consider this and do not remove the parking lane on our side of the street. Thank you.     1 All concerns had to do with the side of the street we put parking.  We have since changed the side of the street to where this resident would prefer (southside parking).  It's not clear from her comment that she would now support it, but it's also not clear that she would now oppose it.
I think the proposed changes to Kavanaugh will be a great addition to Little Rock's bicycle infrastructure.  I fully support bike lanes on Kavanaugh. 1      
I have concerns about the absence of any street parking at all on Kavanaugh where planned street parking transitions from north to south, near the Pulaski Heights Baptist Church, and more specifically from the unnamed alley midway between Pine and Cedar to Pine. This stretch is flanked on both the north and south by multi-family dwellings that rely on street parking. Thank you.   1    
I like the idea for the bike lanes on Kavanaugh getting a little redo. Right now, as a car driver, it stresses me out that the cyclists are so close. I'm afraid I might hit someone by accident. I looked at your current plans. I was thinking maybe a wider buffer area like on the protected bike lane on Louisiana Street downtown might be a good design to consider. Or I saw that Conway has a design on Markham St that looks like it separates the bikes and driving and includes parking. Also, maybe the parking area is the buffer area between the moving cars and the bike lanes? Maybe you've thought of these designs, and you have a reason unknown to me as to why they don't work. But as a driver concerned for the cyclist's safety, I would encourage you to think about some of the ideas I've mentioned above. 1      
I support bike lanes along Kavanaugh. As a (primarily) pedestrian, the crosswalks are very blind to both walkers and drivers when parking is allowed so close to them. I have close calls with drivers often. Additionally, the sidewalks along Kavanaugh are heavily used by pedestrians (often with strollers, dogs, and kids), so much that pedestrians must also use the street to pass because there isn't enough room on the sidewalk. However, with cars lining either side of the street, this forces pedestrians out into the traffic lane. Bike lanes would help both situations be safer for pedestrians in one of Little Rock's few (if only) walkable, complete neighborhoods. As it is, pedestrians are dodging in and out of parked cars with no visibility. I challenge you to witness this situation at 5pm on a weekday.  1) I got chastised at the public comment tonight as being "negligent" for not driving in my car (instead of walking/biking) as a safety measure for myself. I can't think of anything more ridiculous. Residents in Hillcrest told me that they actually want me to drive my car 1/2 mile to my destination. Please don't listen to that type of feedback. 2) The city doesn't owe homeowners parking spaces on public right-of-way. Bad precedent to set. 3) Hillcrest is a desirable neighborhood because of its walkability/bikeability. Property values support that. Let's enhance that, not squash it. 4) Cars shouldn't be the weak link in our city operations. It all comes down to enough parking, traffic jams, ice on roads, or construction. Let's consider what we could do if we didn't have to accommodate 2-ton vehicles for every single daily function. 5) For crying out loud, gas is $3 gallon. Why wouldn't we do everything we can to enable people to not have to have that expense? (2 comments combined) 1      
I’m a retired municipal planner (32 years) of a major East Coast city - a deputy city director, cycling and pedestrian street traffic planning (a permanent 22 personnel team just for cycling and pedestrian planning). I was at the meeting and have read all of the documents. I’m also well versed with the experience of all of the people involved in the decision making process with City of Little Rock and the BACA group. All of these people lack professional credentials and actual acceptable standard practices to even discuss anything related to pedestrian or cycling as it pertains to traffic, parking, and municipal city street planning or management. I have no idea how City of Little Rock and Pulaski County allow them to be involved in anything related to city planning. My colleagues still in this profession across the nation are aghast, as am I, at how profanely ignorant and narrow minded these so-called advocates and city officials are regarding this issue. I strongly encourage citizens and city board of directors to look at the well established best practices and professional approach to this segment of city planning. None of the people involved at any stage of this are even attempting to be professionals.     1  
I support bike lanes being added to Kavanaugh Blvd. I live in this area and have walked, run, and cycled this street many times. I think having bike lanes would improved the quality of life and accessibility of this space and I am in full support of this initiative. 1      
I have lived in the Hillcrest Historic District for 11 years; in fact my home can be seen in the June 9, 2021 "Bike-lanes-on-Kavanaugh" document. These proposed changes to the current traffic pattern will be detrimental to the neighborhood, as well as the safety of residents, drivers and pedestrians. As noted on the information contained in the website, Kavanaugh is a frequently traveled road, and both ends of Kavanaugh terminate onto roads that may be among the busiest in Little Rock (Markham, Fair Park, Van Buren) Encouraging bicycle traffic on these roads, and Kavanaugh puts everyone in danger. The current bicycle traffic impairs the flow of traffic, and creates hazards for drivers and cyclists alike. The fact that the traffic pattern will not change in the business district further illustrates why the proposed changes serve no purpose. The public need for residents and drivers to use Kavanaugh for its intended purpose far outweighs the desires of cyclists to travel the road more often, or in designated bicycle lanes.   1    
The proposed limit on parking in the area of the Hillcrest Farmer's Market on Saturday morning will negatively affect the ability of citizens to park and attend the market, thereby likely reducing sales for the vendors. You need to find some way to accommodate the number of cars during the hours of the market if you are going to proceed with the bike lanes. I support the bike lanes but only if you improve the parking situation for the market on Saturdays. Average parking needs do not reflect this peek need. 1     accommodations for hillcrest farmers market;  following this comment, the project was changed to better accommodate Hillcrest Farmers Market.
I am in strong support of this proposal. I am a Hillcrest resident living within two blocks of Kavanaugh and a daily driver of this stretch of the road. I understand the initial concerns of parking and more narrow streets. However, having read the research and witnessed the results in actual implementations throughout our city and others I believe this improvement will make our neighborhood safer for bikers, automobiles, and pedestrians. I appreciate the efforts of the city to explain the research and information being presented and encourage everyone to fully read the data while forming their opinion of this proposal. 1      
I own the property at XXX (which is at the corner of XXX and XXX) and we have owned it since XXXX. Both are commercially zoned and both occupants have current business licenses. These two businesses began operation in XXXX and both survived COVID and are still in business. Parking for both of these properties has always been street parking. Kavanaugh is a very busy street from markham to mckinley. There is also a lot of of pedestrians. A bus stop has always been on the south side of pine at kavanaugh. These two businesses - as all hillcrest businesses - are very conscientious of the neighborhood and traffic and all arrange for parking for staff and customers. All available street parking should be kept. Kavanaugh is too busy for a dedicated bicycle trail. Please support the small businesses in hillcrest and leave kavanaugh as it is.  The on-street parking is all she has. Strongly opposed to any proposal which takes away her parking. Wants public meeting to be in-person meeting. Will participate and comment on the project. (2 comments combined)   1    
I am strongly opposed to this project. Residents in Hillcrest don’t have driveways to park in and you are creating a dangerous situation for pedestrians on lower Kavanaugh as there is NO plan for improved pedestrian crossing + Kavanaugh isn’t a grid at lower Kavanaugh. Your own survey suggests that the current speed limit is too high on Kavanaugh. By dropping the speed limit you improve safety for cyclists and residents. Zero tolerance enforcement should also bring in some speeding ticket money until drivers are reconditioned.   1    
I regularly use Kavanaugh Blvd as a motorized vehicle path to access shops, restaurants, and even my dentist's office. I am also a pedestrian and cyclist who utilizes that same corridor, for the same access. Sometimes I decide that running to my dentist is a great way to get exercise and take care of other health needs at the same time. I walk with friends in the neighborhood often and use Kavanaugh as the connector to get from house to Allsopp Park to Knoop Park. Adding buffered bike lanes would benefit everyone. Pedestrians and cyclists would have protection from moving vehicles, parked cars and the people exiting them would have more space separated from bike lanes and traffic, it would provide an all around safer situation for this area that is already heavily used as a multi modal transportation corridor. Thank you. 1      
The proposal, ast it stands, would lower traffic speeds in this very section of Kavanaugh (1200-1500 Kav). How was the north side chosen for parking?     1 southside parking
My wife and I are strong supporters of the plan to install bike lanes on Kavanaugh and narrow the vehicular lanes. I live in the 1400 block of Kavanaugh. Speaking for myself, I value livable communities with streets that are safe for pedestrians and bicyclists, and that equitably serve all users of the roadway. These are 21st century values that aim to replace the car-dominated principles of mid-20th-century city street planning. The proposed bike lanes will help to create a network of safe bicycle routes in the city, they will slow the vehicular driving speeds on Kavanaugh (we've witnessed maybe a dozen accidents on the street in front of our house), and they will increase property values and commercial rents (as has been shown in numerous studies). These bike lanes and street calming measures represent the best current thinking on complete street design. We need to move into the future. Thanks for the chance to provide comment. 1      
As a resident of the area that will be directly affected by this project, I wholeheartedly and without reservation, support it. I also am a regular commuter both by motorized vehicle and bicycle. There have been numerous times that motorized vehicles have become aggressive and dangerous when I have been riding my bike in a lawful and courteous manner. I have been verbally threatened by these people. For the safety of both pedestrians and bike riders this project should definitely be put in place. 1      
Hillcrest has a major parking problem now, and I forsee that this project would only worsen our plight. I am speaking from a homowner and an owner of commercial properties standpoint. The business area of this neighborhood is/and will be severly damaged by this project and i strongly oppose the work.   1    
I am very torn about this. The cyclist do need protection. I would like to see an alternative route for them other than Kavanaugh. There will not be enough room for businesses or motorists that have huge vehicles and do not know their boundaries. Yes bikers would have a slightly safer route and consequently parked cars will have a higher incidence of side swiping. Another concern that impacts me the most is making any turn, left or right, from a side street onto Kavanaugh. Parked cars obstruct viewing oncoming traffic. Parked cars being extended another 4 feet will make turns more difficult. Mid day this may not be a problem but morning and evening when cars are parked, it will be a mess. Will there be multiple 4 way stops or other additional ways for safe entrance onto Kavanaugh? There are too many negatives regarding this plan. I do not endorse these alterations on Kavanaugh.   1    
Just thought of another solution to the curvy part of Kavanaugh in the Midland Heights section. Why not put shift parking to the North side so we can see to turn on Kavanaugh. Then when Kavanaugh is more straight change parking to south side. I think this could be a compromise instead of the roundabout. I do not think parking has to be only on one side the entire route. Signage would communicate changes. Thank you!     1  
I appreciate how you have incorporated most comments. The parking in S side continues to provide visual hazards for those of us in Midland Heights trying to enter Kavanaugh. This is the curvy part and we can’t see through parked cars to exit, especially from Louise onto Kavanaugh. Please consider a roundabout at the intersection of Lee, Fairfax, and Kavanaugh. It would give Midland Height’s residents a safe place to enter Kavanaugh, slow traffic down for the curves, and hopefully reduce all the hit and run parked car accidents. There would be enough space to add a roundabout there and not compromise personal property. Cyclists need to slow down heading east for pedestrians too. Thank you. 1      
I am curious how they will handle trash pickup. on any pickup day, Kavanaugh is lined with trash and recycle bins. This should be discussed and decided on the front end! I think the bike lanes are a great idea, many days i drive up Kavanaugh after work and bikers are riding up the hill-it often seems dangerous and as they weave in and out it is often difficult to see them. I have had a few scares for sure. 1      
I strongly support this initiative. The wide lanes on this stretch of Kavanaugh encourage the drivers to speed. The number of cars parked on Kavanaugh that have been damaged as a result of that is probably countless. Narrower lanes should slow down the traffic. Plus leaving street parking on one side of Kavanaugh should be enough for local residents. The city's responsibility is to make the city safer for everyone (cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers in this case) and not maintaining parking spots for 20 or so people who happen to park on the street and are upset they may be losing their street parking spot. 1      
I am very happy the city is considering improving our city and encouraging pedestrians and cyclists. I would add two suggestions: 1)With the number of people who live south of Kavanaugh and work or attend classes at UAMS, it would seem advisable to have a bike corridor from the Kavanaugh bike lanes to UAMS including a safe crossing of Markham for both pedestrians and cyclists. 2) the current bike paths between the River Trail/Rebsamen and downtown are terrible both in terms of surfacing/directional signage and safety. Effectively the bike trail ends for most people when you get to Cantrell/Rebsamen. 1      
I used to live in Hillcrest and now live in an adjacent neighborhood and still use the Hillcrest vet, grocery store, pharmacy, church, farmer’s market, coffee shop, and restaurants.  I drive, walk, and bike through this area frequently – several times a week – and am totally in favor of the bike lanes.  Kavanaugh desperately needs traffic calming.  The bike lanes will benefit car drivers, cyclists, walkers, and people in wheelchairs/mobility chairs.  Change is scary for lots of people but it is also inevitable.  I prefer a carefully planned, well executed change that will make Kavanaugh safer for everyone. 1      
40 years we’ve lived here.  The stop sign stopped wrecks.  Most important the parking lane lines that stopped the indicated area [hand drawn map] from bing at times used as 8 lanes wide.  A guest needing to park on south side of our house would have to walk at least two blocks to get here if there were bike lanes.  Joggers use the street.  Bikers aren’t held up.   1    
As a resident of Stifft Station that frequents Hillcrest and travels up Kavanaugh in a car, by foot, by bike and even a few times by bus, I am very supportive of this project to not only improve safety along Kavanaugh, but encourage alternative means of transportation in our historic neighborhoods. These neighborhoods were built around people, people walking, biking, taking the streetcar and even driving. And providing infrastructure for those biking on the road already and encouraging more people to do so will only strengthen the Hillcrest neighborhood. Thank you exploring this project and its possibilities!  This is such a popular route for cyclists and pedestrians. As someone who lives in Stifft Station and used this route to bike up to the grocery store on occasion, I am in strong support of the proposed project. (2 comments combined) 1      
This would be a fantastic addition to our city. One that promotes health, safety, and togetherness for everyone. Parking will be impacted, and a study should be conducted to see how the bike lane will impact street parking and neighborhood parking. 1      
Bike lanes on Kavanaugh would be great and would make Hillcrest a more attractive neighborhood to live/work/visit. It would be even better to have some sort of physical lane barriers where possible. 1      
I wholeheartedly support adding a bike lane to Kavanaugh Blvd. Our community will benefit in many ways from becoming more bike-friendly. It will be safer, more supportive of a healthy lifestyle, cleaner, and more attractive to young people and retirees alike. Accommodating bicyclists is a an important component of inner city sustainability and renewal in many cities across the country. 1      
FYI we thank you again for the compromise in keeping our parking in front of 3000 Kavanaugh Blvd, but there will be a new restaurant opening soon on the west side of the building, next to the parking lot, and you have eliminated the parking on the street by the parking lot for the bike lane. When the restaurant opens, it will be open for breakfast and lunch and the demand for parking will increase dramatically, this may cause further parking problems in the future after they begin business.     1  
I fully support this project. Bike paths and dedicated lanes are vital to continue attracting people to Hillcrest for both pleasure and housing. The lack of these amenities are one of the reasons young families move to more suburban neighborhoods or even Northwest Arkansas. My family and I frequently walk the neighborhood and are also excited by the prospect of crossing and walking alongside Kavanaugh being made safer and easier. When my daughter is old enough to ride a bike, I want to know she can safely get around the neighborhood.  I strongly support this project. It would be a great addition to our neighborhood, making it safer, more attractive and accessible. (2 comments combined) 1      
Parking is currently a problem on Kavanaugh in my area where people are having to park on it even though they live on Ridgeway because there’s not enough parking on Ridgeway. Also an 18 unit apartment house across the street is currently half empty and being renovated but does not have parking other than on the street. Narrowing the lanes for traffic on would exacerbate the problem of cars being side swiped and the difficult of turning onto Kavanaugh from side streets. At age 26 or 76 hauling groceries from Kroger in the heat or rain isn’t a promising idea. I oppose this inconvenience to the 95 %+ of the people that use autos instead of bikes in our neighborhood.   1    
I believe the proposal to add bike lanes to Kavanaugh is a bad idea. Lots of losers and very few winners. Removing all those parking spaces will hurt a lot of people. I drive on Kavanaugh hundreds of times a year. I suggest larger and brighter sharrows plus signage that reminds people how to share the road. Maybe even a reduced speed limit before implementing the bike lanes.   1    
This is a route that I take several times a week to get to Kroger and Hillcrest restaurants (well, mostly coffee). I’m perfectly comfortable alone, but I also take this route to get my daughter from daycare. I do anything I can to bypass the existing facilities with her along. The sharrows in Hillcrest and the Heights don’t offer appropriate delineation for anyone other than a hardcore cyclist. The new paved path through Allsopp Park is AMAZING, and these proposed bike lanes would make accessing it a much safer option for local residents as well as residents from surrounding neighborhoods. Stick a bike rack on the corner by Hill Station, and many of the cars parked along Kavanaugh with bike racks may disappear forever.  I'm pretty disappointed that we are still having this conversation, but we'll come out despite the COVID numbers because this is also part of our public health crisis. We should be discussing how we can get more people outside of cars, and we should be doing it more forcefully in Arkansas than most other places. We are suffering from the effects of our pollution and our sedentary natures more here than nearly any other first world region on Earth. I ride my child through here on a bike several times a day. Sometimes we walk, but the property owners leave their front yards so overgrown that the sidewalks are invisible at best and unsafe at worst. Now they are working to "own" the 100% public space that is the street? That's not equitable, that's elitist, and that's NOT the city that we love. #UniteLittleRock (2 comments combined) 1      
I am in support of this project. I live along the route and personally am a walker, runner, biker, and driver along Kavanaugh. The traffic speeds are too high for a mainly residential area and the sharrows, while helpful, are not the best solution for allowing cyclists to share the roadway. I would support the parking lane on the north side of the road versus the south side, as the parking spots along Allsopp are utilized for events, recreational visitors to the park, church-goers at the Pulaski Heights Baptist Church, etc. My one request is that the project includes striping crosswalks at each intersection along Kavanaugh, and for the city to budget for future signed/lighted crossings for pedestrians to use to signal crossing. I believe those would make it safer and are needed at least at the most heavily used intersections like by Allsopp, the Baptist Church, and likely at the multi-unit residences that will be parking across the street from their homes.  Will there be an effort to add more marked crosswalks at intersections along the whole route?  One more thought I have for the Kavanaugh restriping - there really needs to be a crosswalk across Kavanaugh on Rose St. that goes to the Allsopp promenade. There are lots of pedestrians walking their dogs, with their kids, ect., coming down Rose from the Lee St. area coming to Allsopp, and the sight lines at this intersection are not great, and there is not crosswalk. Let me know if you need more info or anything, i can meet you out there if needed. (3 comments combined) 1     crosswalks
As a cyclist who has been "doored" twice, once at a high rate of speed and landing me in the hospital with torn ligaments that cannot be reconstructed, I have significant concerns about the proposed bike lane being directly against the driver's side of the parking lane (on the side where parking is being retained). I find it interesting that part of the argument against sharrows is the risk of dooring, but no one is discussing the dramatically increased risk of dooring in the current proposal, where the bikes are placed literally in door's reach of EVERY SINGLE parked car (as opposed to sharrows, where you can place yourself an appropriate distance from the parked vehicles). The following may be worth consideration: 1) moving the bike lane and the buffer against the curb, where passenger-side door opening is reduced compared to driver-side door opening, and using a upright buffer (embedded plastic poles) to remind passengers not to open their doors without looking/thinking, or 2) focus exclusively on a properly buffered (as opposed to separated) north-side lane only, where the long uphill gradient produces a much more dramatic speed differential between bikes and cars. I've got zero issues going 25 mph down Kavanaugh to keep up with traffic - going up it at 13 mph is incredibly stressful, especially as it's how I get home on tired legs after already long rides.     1  
I fully support bike lanes on Kavanaugh. As someone who bikes, walks, and runs up Kavanaugh on a daily basis I would love to have bike lanes to add safety to my route. 1      
I love riding bikes.  I also live on the intersection of Lee, Kavanaugh, and Fairfax.  I have lived there for 35 years.  I think there has been around 300 accidents at that location.  I feel it is extremely unsafe at this location to have bike lanes.  There is so much going on.  People wiz thru the intersection from Lee Street looking west unnoticing the south side.  I know someone is going to get hit or killed there.  I put almost 5-10 trash cans on the street at any given time.  I already have an apartment complex next to me that parks in front of my house.  Then there trash cans, all of this in front of my house.  Very bad idea.  I DO NOT want all the cars in front of my house!!  I have no problem riding on the street the way it is.  Please pull accident records at XXX. and around.   1    
I support bike lanes on Kavanaugh Blvd. My dog groomer & my hair stylist are both on Kavanaugh & I travel there frequently. Bike lanes will increase safety for cyclists. Thank you. 1      
STRONGLY oppose this idea. You seem concerned with the business district, but not the residents. Have you driven down the full length of Kavanaugh Blvd and taken in consideration of where the residents park? They should come first in your decision as should the local businesses who these residents frequent. This is a very inconsiderate action on the city.   1    
The City can make this plan work with restricted parking decals in special cases. The City plan is good and will increase safety. Safety trumps convenience.  Kavanaugh Street is a very winding street. For the safety of motorists, parking on both sides of the street should be banned within two blocks of any curves. Little Rock already has an ordinance requiring off street parking. Motorist who persist in parking on Kavanaugh near the curves are risking their lives because of traffic when they go to open their doors. Parking near the curves should be banned for safety. This will increase public safety and will reduce the number of traffic accidents. (2 comments combined) 1      
We live on Pine just south of Kavanaugh, and wanted to express our grave concern on the proposed bike lane addition. We strongly feel it will create significant hardship both for residents of several apartment and multifamily buildings including on Pine due to the inability to use one side of Kavanaugh to park on the street, and will create a major hardship for some of the businesses. I spoke with one of the businesses we frequent, an art gallery, which has become busier as the pandemic limitations have been lifted, and this proposal will significantly curtail access, especially once school traffic restarts in the fall.   1    
I strongly urge the city to approve this plan. Despite being a mostly residential community, vehicular traffic through the area can feel somewhat chaotic. As a cyclist, there is often no way to really stay at the edge of traffic, given the cars frequently parked at the curbs. Establishing bike lanes would do a lot to improve safety for cyclists of all ages, and help reduce conflicts between cyclists and motorists. 1      
There are many people who depend on street parking along kavanaugh. A new 14 unit apartment building will begin renting out soon, how will they accommodate for the parking at this building?  I don't see how it's convenient for the people who live along kavanaugh who depend on street parking. We need both sides of the street for parking.   1    
Wouldn't having drivers cross the bike lane in order to parallel park, or when pulling back onto the street, not be potentially hazardous for bikers, especially if approaching a driver's blind spot?   1    
I've lived in Little Rock my whole life, and I've been so amazed and thankful to see our city become more and more bicycle-friendly over the years. I own a bike shop in Little Rock, The Community Bicyclist, on Cantrell Rd. I named my shop that for a reason: while I do a lot of different type of bicycle riding, I am most passionate about traveling around our community on a bicycle. I commute by bicycle every day, and I don't just define "bicycle commuting" as getting to and from work. For me, that would simply mean riding from my house in KIngwood to the bike shop, which would not include Kavanaugh Blvd. But I fell in love with with riding bikes on Kavanaugh a long time ago, having lived in Hillcrest from 1984-2000. It is a wide, two-lane street, with plenty of room for all of types of vehicles (bicycles included) to travel. But in recent years, I have come to realize that it is more and more stressful, due to more traffic, congestion, etc., to ride my bike on Kavanaugh Blvd. than it used to be. And because I ride for transportation and recreation in multiple areas in Little Rock, I ride on Kavanaugh Blvd almost every day. So the issue of separate bike lanes on Kavanaugh is very important to me. I believe the proposed bike lanes would lower the stress level of both motor vehicle drivers and bicyclists. It would much better define where each type of vehicle should be on the road, would take into account the different speeds of motor vehicles and bicycles, and would give all road users a better overall experience. I ride both as considerately and responsively as I can when I ride. I have been struck by a car on Kavanaugh while riding my bike. I have seen drivers do things to pass me as I ride my bike on Kavanaugh that are not only dangerous to me, the driver of the motor vehicle that passed me, but is also dangerous to other road users. I believe the proposed bike lanes on Kavanaugh Blvd. would help greatly in alleviating most of these problems. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to express my thoughts and opinion on this issue. 1      
I’m not able to attend the meeting on 8/27, however I wanted to voice my opinion. I am not in favor of removing the parking lanes in order to add new bike lanes. Parking has always been a premium in Hillcrest and I am not in favor of removing any of the parking spaces. There are bike paths in the area that have been built specifically for biking and walking. I have avid bikers in my family and believe drivers should be more cautious to ensure the safety of the biker. But not at the expense of parking spaces.   1    
I, personally, am opposed to bike lanes that will only be fully implemented on a rather small portion of Kavanaugh which will primarily affect resident parking, Hillcrest Hall parking and apartment and rental condos that have no designated parking, or whose designated parking is on Kavanaugh. Street parking is the most dense from where Lee Street intersects with Kavanaugh all the way down to Markham. Reducing this parking to one side of the street is not just not feasible for home owners and tenets as there is not enough off-street parking available for all these displaced from Kavanaugh. The entire business district is designated the Sharrows (meaning bikers will share the road with cars). I am opposed to bike lanes that will affect that small area from Markham up to the Baptist Church. Can’t we just continue the Sharrows to the rest of the areas so we don’t displace people that rely on this necessary parking? -we were told at the PHMC that “we think there is sufficient parking available off Kavanaugh” ( to accommodate those that will be displaced from parking in front of their houses/apts/condos. I want to see the plan that shows exactly where residents are supposed to park and how that will affect people that might have difficulty with parking so far from their homes. What about those of us that are disabled and need to park right next to our homes, condos and apartments? It doesn’t seem that Disability parking is factored in to this proposal. This proposal is trying to accommodate a small number of bikers vs a huge amount of residents that do not want to lose their on-street parking. We built the entire river system for bikers. Why upend our Historical Hillcrest? People that attend events at Hillcrest Hall ALWAYS need both sides of the street to park because the parking lot is too small. I know, because I live across the street. Also, where do bikers begin and end on this route? I mean who starts their ride on Markham and ends it on Van Buren. I was a biker for years. I never rode a trail without it going in a loop so I could return to my car. This proposal doesn’t make sense. Kavanaugh is too busy for bikers. Narrowing our road will only cause more accidents between cars, and pedestrians. And every one of the planners for this proposal did NOT live in Hillcrest. This proposal should be canceled due to the high degree of difficulty it proposes for home owners, tenets, businesses, and the design of our neighborhood. After all, NO ONE HAS SAID WE NEED LESS PARKING IN HILLCREST  This should not happen. The road is not wide enough to accommodate both biking lanes and parking. People that live in apartments and in houses already park on both sides of the street. How do you think that all those people can limit their parking to one side of the street? There simply won’t be enough room. So many of the houses in hillcrest have small driveways and can’t fit two cars in their driveways. So that space is necessary for home and apt dwellers. Bikers have so many OTHER places to ride. I live on Kavanaugh and there are not many bikers currently on Kavanaugh. Why do you people keep trying to “fix” stuff that isn’t broken and will create massive problems for residents? Bikers don’t need to ride on Kavanaugh. It’s too busy. Get it together people. Make intelligent decisions. THINK how this will negatively affect the people that live on Kavanaugh. In fact, in the evenings, go drive around and see where all the cars are parked. Then, take the emotion out of this stupid idea, and come to the only logical conclusion that this is a terrible idea. And are you actually going to paint the street for the bike lanes GREEN? You have got to be kidding me. NOBODY WANTS A GREEN STRIP IN FRONT OF THEIR HOUSE. Who’s ridiculous idea is this anyway? There are SO MANY other ways to use our tax dollars. Like, repaving Kavanaugh in the Hillcrest area. Let me guess, you have one guy on the board that wants to ride his bike on Kavanaugh and the rest of you wusses are afraid to say NO. Do NOT do this. It will be a great hardship for so many people. Find something else to do than sit around and think up UNNECESSARY ideas. Unbelievable. Seriously just unbelievable. (2 comments combined)   1    
I am against the bike lane. Do not remove parking for a bike lane.   1    
I am writing to express my opposition to the bike line proposal. Little Rock has ample biking infrastructure, but Kavanaugh Boulevard does not have ample on-street parking. I have lived in Hillcrest for nearly 20 years and have served as president of the Hillcrest Residents Association. I love Hillcrest for its diversity. There are high end single-family homes, but also inexpensive apartments and vibrant retail establishments. Many of the apartments, and nearly all of the retail merchants, depend on the availability of on-street parking. We want to support diversity in Hillcrest, which is why we need to keep parking available. The proposed bike lane does not connect to anything and I am unaware of any bike accidents along the proposed route that a bike lane would have prevented. I am also concerned that a bike lane will increase the risk of accidents by giving riders a false sense of a security.   1    
There is not enough parking as it is right now for the businesses along Kavanaugh so this is crazy! Reduce the speed limit & enforce it. When going out with friends, we certainly do not all get on our bikes to go to lunch or dinner at Kemuri, Pantry crest; Hillcrest Station, River City Coffee, US Pizza, Milos or others. The overflow for restaurants and business now use the Kroger parking lot which creates more problems for parking there too. I sure don’t see bikes lined up, parked with people buying groceries either. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone carrying their helmet around in the store either. Most would not leave it at their bikes because someone might steal it. I think you should seriously reconsider this. Think of the businesses. I would like to know how many of those are in favor of this reduced parking spaces.   1    
I support the bike lanes on Kavanaugh as they will offer an opportunity to not only connect the other parts of the city on a bike, but also allow for people on bikes to travel through the Kavanaugh area more safely. 1      
I am in support of dedicated bike lanes on Kavanaugh. As a Hillcrest resident I will utilize these often and would love for the project to continue into the Heights, especially given the new entrance to Allsopp. 1      
I wholeheartedly support this initiative. I commute to work by bike many times a week, mostly through Hillcrest. Hillcrest is always the most stressful part of my route. The City should continue to capitalize and expand is network of biking options, trails, and connections. The River Trail is an excellent asset for the City, as are the Allsopp park(s) trails. Easier and safer connections from the Heights and Hillcrest to these areas and easier connections to downtown for bikers will only benefit these neighborhoods and the City as a whole. Encouraging bikes and pedestrian traffic will benefit local businesses and reduce car traffic and parking demands on limited city surface area. Who knows, if we continue this trend maybe we can start to rebuild downtown from a parking crater into a functioning city center, expanding outward from Main and the River Market and reinvigorating the CBD. Reducing the City's residents' need to travel by car will help local business and community growth and self-determination. It will be one step closer to making Little Rock a Strong Town. See for example: https://www.strongtowns.org/journal/2018/11/26/its-time-to-redefine-the-single-occupancy-vehicle?rq=cycling%20 and https://www.strongtowns.org/journal/2021/5/27/rbc2021-reinforce-the-main-street-ecosystem-in-your-place Thanks 1      
I frequently bike in Little Rock and often ride along Kavanaugh. I agree that dedicated bike lanes will make cycling safer in this part of the city. I personally know individuals who chose to move to Little Rock due to the River Trail system, stating that any city that invested in its people in that way was sure to continue investing -- I see this project as a nearly free way to continue that investing. My primary concern -- loss of parking for shoppers and residents -- was addressed by the data in the study period that tracked typical parking use for 70 days. As a result, I support this proposal. I would strongly suggest that the City make repeated efforts at educating residents and visitors on the meaning and use of the new markings and lanes. Even as an avid cyclist, when I visit new cities I am not always sure how I should operate my car. Failure to provide education could produce catastrophe when a cyclist, believing she is safe from traffic and so less attentive than today, is struck by a vehicle whose driver was simply unsure what signs and colors were trying to communicate. Thanks for this potential improvement. 1      
By coincidence I was in Little Rock last week and able to attend the public meeting that you held at Pulaski Heights Methodist Church. I own the small commercial building at Van Buren Street, the start or finish of the bike lane. I remain a supporter of the planned installation and urge the City to resist efforts to weaken the dual separated bike lanes plan. As a retired government professional in the transportation industry, I am very aware that public meetings tend to bring out the anti’s more than the pro’s. My understanding is that most of the group and individual comments you have received have been favorable to the proposal. (Summary) 1      
The streets running parallel to Kavanaugh are narrow and crowded now. Closing parking on K will force more cars back into the neighborhood blocking service trucks and driveways. Garbage trucks routinely get stuck and blast their horns until cars can be rearranged. we don't need more of that.   1    
I would have to state that I am a cyclist/runner. I feel as this predispose me to being for the addition of a bike lane on Kavanaugh. I think the addition of bike lanes would positively benefit the Hillcrest area for the following reasons: Access to nearby parks for residents; Start of a bike lane from Hillcrest to downtown; Full utilization of a currently underutilized resource; Safer driving conditions on the road.  We have both Knopp and Allsopp in the area.  Allsopp just got a nice new walkway installed.  To fully utilize these resources, a bike lane will allow a method for people to access by leaving their house.  More use of these parks will help grow community among residents. A connection from the Heights to Downtown is needed This will be the first step in bridging this path. This connection will encourage business in the area from increased cars. Data shows that parking capacity is not fully utilized and is projected not to be fully utilized with a reduction of parking coming from a manufacturing background, it is hard to see a resource operating at less than 50%. By installing these lanes, utilization would increase by adding more functionality. So many crashes on this road. So many people hitting parked cars. This narrowing lanes will subconsciously slow down cars and make for safer driving conditions. (2 comments combined) 1      
It has come to my attention that the city is considering narrowing/removing parking on Kavanaugh through the Hillcrest neighborhood from Van Buren to W. Markham. I object to this plan due to already restrictive parking in the Hillcrest shopping and dining areas. I am concerned that putting a bike lane in will increase traffic and parking into the Hillcrest residential areas. We already have people that disregard parking signs and traffic signs in our neighborhood with little to no policing. I believe we will have more people speeding, running stop signs, and parking illegally. I ask that you would please discourage the city from putting in a bike lane on Kavanaugh. If the city insist on doing so, I hope that they plan to increase policing traffic in Hillcrest.    1    
Please consider putting bike lanes on lower Kavanaugh. We are here 24/7, rain or shine, Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall. It is disservice to those of us who live in this area for many reasons. We will have to deal with the inconvenience of needed parking being eliminated and our day-to-day life will be disrupted. It will disrupt our city services and create bottle necks with the traffic flow when buses try to load or unload passengers. Not to mention service and delivery vehicles blocking traffic. Eliminate parking on one side with the bike and buffer zone will actually give "speeders" a wider lane and more room as there are seldom cyclists except maybe on Saturday or Sunday morning when the "clubs" are riding. (Summary)  This bike lane proposal, as is, is a disservice to the people who live in the area. Our blocks are long, our side streets are small and steep, and already used by the residends who live on them. Please be more creative rather than bullying your way through here - add "Share the Road Banners". I don't understand how shifting the traffic to one side of the road, closer to the curb is going to make it safer for pedestrians. A parked car offers some protection - Note too - there are many times when the parking areas are clear, making it easier to "share the road". We are here 24-7, no matter the season or weather. Please don't make our life miserable. Yes - cars go fast at times but this is not the solution for slowing it down. maybe narrow lanes and wider parking lanes. I've written before that we have service people who need safe access to our homes. and its unsafe to ask our guests to walk blocks to visit, leaving their cars unattended. (2 comments combined)   1    
All for this! Everyone would benefit from this in the current and future. Areas with high cycling commute promote community involvement and a higher quality of life. Communities in NWA are seeing the benefits already. 1      
I am a Hillcrest resident and my house buts right up to Kavanaugh. I like the idea of the bike lane but I also like the idea of slowing down traffic on Kavanaugh. Since my house abuts Kavanaugh and sometime it can sound like a raceway. I’m just waiting for the day a car will end up in my yard. It has already happened to some of my neighbors. I’ve been an avid cyclist my entire adult life and a resident of Hillcrest for over twenty years. I ride along Kavanaugh at least once a week. To ride along Kavanaugh it is important to ride out in the middle of the lane so you don’t run the risk of getting ‘doored’ by someone getting out of their car. If there is a designated lane for cars and bikes then it is safer for everyone. When I have the opportunity to travel I usually try to make an effort to ride a bike and explore new places. I’ve had the opportunity of riding in big cities as well as smaller communities that have these dedicated lanes. So I’ve experienced firsthand how this can work successfully to separate cars from bikes. Some of the most memorable rides I’ve been on have occurred in the cities with this type of infrastructure which allow me to be an observer without having the fear of competing with cars. Hopefully someone visiting Little Rock will have a similar experience. These are techniques that have worked in numerous cities around the country and are being used in some of the most progressive, bike forward communities in the country. This is not an experiment. This is tried and true. Hillcrest is a forward thinking group of people and we need to show the entire city of LR that we are willing to try something new. Hillcrest is a forward thinking neighborhood and that’s why so many people want to live here. I don’t know anywhere else on the city where these are being deployed so people will look to Hilllcrest as setting an example. I endorse this proposal. 1      
The project proposes to move all parking in Zones 1, 2, 3 and 5 to the north side of Kavanaugh in order to keep the existing parking at the Promenade at Allsopp Park. However, the primary demand for street parking in Zones 1 and 2 (from Markham to Pine) is on the south side of Kavanaugh due to the numerous (over 50 apartments in Zone 1) residents on the south side that do not have private parking or dedicated parking lots. These residents will be forced to cross the street to get to their homes, which is especially dangerous in the curve between Louise and Berry St. We have many residents over 60 (including me and my wife) that will be at risk when crossing the street in the center of that curve at night. The north side of Kavanaugh from Markham to Pine has either single family residents or apartments with dedicated off street parking lots, so there would be no negative impact to them if the parking is on the south side of the street. A much safer design would put the parking on the south side of Kavanaugh from Markham to Pine for Zones 1 and 2, then transition the parking to the north side between Pine and Elm for Zones 3 and 5. I support the addition of dedicated bike lanes on Kavanaugh, but only if the street parking is on the south side of the street in Zones 1 and 2. Otherwise the risk of serious injury to pedestrians crossing the street, especially in the curves, is simply too great.  Do you consider where multi-tenant buildings are when selecting which side of the street to place the parking? Do you consider the impact of curves and the increased risk for people having to cross the street in a curve when they have to park on the opposite side of the street from their apartment? (2 comments combined) 1     Supports project if parking moved to south side in zones 1 and 2, which it has been.  Haven't I read this comment before?  parking on south side
There is not enough room on Kavanaugh for already used vehicles – especially delivery and emergency.  Kavanaugh and side streets are stretched with not enough parking.  Kroger lot is used too much – not enough parking!!   1    
 I have seen many successful biking changes made in densely populated cities. But this is not one that will serve Hillcrest. This is a terrible time to mess with traffic patterns with businesses struggling to keep their doors open. And, so many people working from home with more businesses warming to the task. This proposal is dangerous for several reasons and will push parking off Kavanaugh onto side streets and even on Hill Road making it more dangerous to cross a busy street to get to your car or crossing while standing between parked cars and less visible. (Summary of Comment)   1    
I strongly support the installation of the Bike lanes.  It will slow traffic down and make the street more conducive to bike and pedestrians.  We walk our dogs on Kavanaugh every day and feel that this would greatly improve walking.  I think it will also increase property values and improve the sense of community with more people out on the street. 1      
In SUPPORT of the bike lanes on Kavanaugh and continuing implementation of the City's Complete Streets Plan with future projects involving the street resurfacing projects. 1      
I SUPPORT bike lanes on Kavanaugh and implementation of the Complete Streets Ordinance through scheduled street resurfacing.  I fully SUPPORT the bike lanes on Kavanaugh and applaud the efforts of the Public Works Department and its engineers. These bike lanes and other buffers will increase safety for all road users - bikes, pedestrians and vehicle drivers. I also look forward to and SUPPORT the implementation of the Complete Streets Ordinance through re-striping as the street resurfacing project continues throughout the city. I had a good discussion with J. Honeywell at last night's public meeting at the church and appreciate the efforts of his team.  I support the revised plan. I had a very informative conversation with Jon Honeywell last night at the public meeting at the church, as well as another engineer, and appreciate the efforts of the Public Works Department in developing this plan. This plan will increase the safety of all road users. I also fully SUPPORT the implementation of the Complete Streets Ordinance through the regularly scheduled street resurfacing projects throughout the entire City. Thank you all for your service to the City and its citizens.  Not sure why a public meeting was held. Are public meetings required or routine when streets are resurfaced to add bike lanes? I thought in general all future street resurfacing would include bike lanes if the widths allowed the room. But 12th street from university avenue to Kanis was recently resurfaced without bike lanes. Mara Lynn from bowman to shackleford recently resurfaced without bike lanes. What must be done to ensure bike lanes are added routinely when streets resurfaced? (4 comments combined) 1      
I am a resident (disabled) on Kavanaugh and finding available parking spaces in lots or along street in proximity to businesses, doctors office, pharmacy and grocery is already difficult, especially once a month with the (@#$^@) Entertainment District. If you need to designate wider bicycle lanes to accommodate the entertainment needs of able-bodied people, please consider creating new lanes along LEE AVENUE between Martin and Van Buren and/or WOODLAWN between Cedar and Van Buren. Please, please retain parking on both sides of Kavanaugh Blvd. so that the rest of us don't have to pay in higher costs and inconveniences for the benefit of a few.   1    
Total 75 52 11 138
Percent 54.3% 37.7% 8.0%