Complete Streets Plan Walk Audit

Do you have group of people (e.g. neighborhood association, church, or work group) who have a shared interest in an area or corridor?  A walk audit is an on-the-ground assessment of a street to identify barriers to walking and biking (i.e. exactly what we are looking for in this planning process).  The City of Little Rock Sustainability Commission is leading a series of walk audits to call attention to how our infrastructure serves (or doesn't serve) people walking and biking.  Doing a walk audit of your corridor of interest could help highlight its challenges in the Plan.  We are training a group of Walk Audit Captains to help guide walk audits!  Contact John Landosky ( to request a walk audit.

Walk Audit Training (Zoom): Monday May 24th, 5pm

Walk Audit #1 - Rock Region Metro Downtown Hub: Tuesday May 25th, 5pm

Walk Audit #2 - 12th and Jonesboro: Saturday June 12th, 8am

Walk Audit #3 - Taylor Street: Tuesday June 15th, 5:30pm, Prospect Terrace Park

Future Walk Audit - Forest Hills Neighborhood Association: TBD