Public Works Frequently Asked Questions

Call the Operations Service Request Desk at (501) 918-3600 to activate a Work Request, or call 3-1-1 or visit the 311 website at

Call the Operations Service Request Desk at (501) 918-3600 or visit the 311 website. Public Works personnel can answer your questions, or provide you with the appropriate referrals.

Property owners are responsible for mowing and cleaning right-of-ways on property frontage. For questions on these regulations, please call Neighborhood Programs at (501) 371-4849. Public Works Operations is responsible for mowing and cleaning public right-of-ways. If you have questions or concerns, please call our Service Request Desk at (501) 918-3600 or call 3-1-1, or visit the 311 website at

Public Works Operations provides snow and ice removal for all City streets. State highway snow and ice removal are provided by the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department.

Call our Service Request Desk at (501) 918-3600 or call 3-1-1. Public Works Scheduling Staff will dispatch a crew to come out and remove the debris or trash. Also, residents can contact the Environmental Services Coordinator at (501) 399-3472 to schedule a Neighborhood Cleanup in affected areas. Little Rock residents can also become involved in the Adopt-A-Street program. Adopt-A-Street provides opportunities for civic involvement and fosters pride in our City. For more information on the Adopt-A-Street program, call (501) 371-4808.

Call our Traffic Engineering Division at (501) 379-1800. The Operations Division does not provide maintenance or repair for traffic signals. After normal operation hours, call Central Communications at (501) 371-4829.

Report any problems with traffic signs to the Operations Service Request Desk at (501) 918-3600 or visit the 311 website.


Please call the Service Request Desk at (501) 918-3600 or call 3-1-1, or visit the 311 website at to activate a work request.

Call the Service Request Desk at (501) 918-3600 or call 3-1-1, or visit the 311 website at to activate a work request.

Your recycling is picked up every other week, the same day as your garbage collection.

Jon Honeywell, P.E. is Director of the Little Rock Public Works Department. He may be contacted at (501) 371-4475.

You can pay:

  • In person at the Municipal Court Building , 600 West Markham Street, Little Rock.
  • By mail, using the envelope provided, or mailing the ticket to:

        Municipal Court Building
        600 West Markham Street
        Little Rock, AR 72201

You may send a check, money order, or traveler's check. Please note the citation number on the check. Please do not send cash.

Parking Enforcement's goal is to help ensure the efficient and safe movement of daily traffic in downtown Little Rock while balancing the competing demands for limited parking spaces between downtown employees, shoppers and visitors to our City.  Parking Enforcement is tasked with enforcement of Chapter 32 of the Little Rock City Code.

Parking spaces for persons with disabilities have been located in the downtown area. These spaces have been designated with signs for visibility and convenience. Vehicles that are parked in a designated space must display the proper license plate or placard. Application for handicapped placards may be obtained at any office of the State Department of Revenue.  Ask for Form 10336, which is the submitted to the requestor's physician who will determine the requestor's eligibility.


Nobody likes to get parking tickets, especially if we think we're obeying the signs, time limits, etc. Here are a few common violations that you may or may not know about.

  • Manner of parking. A ticket may be issued for:
    • Parking more than eighteen (18) inches away from the curb.
    • Parking on the wrong side of the street facing traffic.
  • Stopping, standing, or parking prohibited. A ticket may be issued for parking:
    • On a sidewalk.
    • Within five (5) feet of a driveway.
    • Within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant.
    • In a crosswalk or within twenty (20) feet of a crosswalk.
    • Within twenty (20) feet of the entrance to a fire station.
    • Within ten (10) feet of a mailbox.
  • Obstructing traffic. A ticket may be issued to anyone parking in any manner that blocks the street leaving less than ten (10) feet of roadway available for motorists.
  • Parking in alleys. Only commercial vehicles may park in an alley, and then only for loading and unloading. The commercial vehicle must be marked with permanent signage.
  • Parking for certain purposes prohibited. A ticket may be issued for displaying your car for sale, or repairing or washing you car, on the street.
  • Fire Lanes. You cannot park in a designated fire lane.
  • Unattended motor vehicle. You cannot leave your vehicle unattended with the engine running.
  • Loading Zones. Only commercial vehicles may use loading zones, and then only for loading or unloading.
  • Parking meter spaces. A ticket may be issued if you park - in manner that occupies more than one (1) metered space, or if you park in a manner such that the vehicle protrudes beyond the markings designating the parking space.
  • Meter time limits.
    • A ticket may be issued for an expired meter.
    • A ticket may be issued for parking in a metered space beyond the time limit designated on the meter; i.e. you may be ticketed if you remain at a one (1)-hour meter longer than one (1)-hour even if you have time remaining on the meter or deposit additional coins (a process commonly referred to as "meter feeding").

Overtime Parking at a Meter:

  • $10.00, if paid within twenty-one (21) days.
  • $50.00 after twenty-one (21) days.

Non-Meter Violations:

  • $30.00 if paid within twenty-one (21) days.
  • $45.00 after twenty-one (21) days.

Parking in a Handicap Zone With No Handicap Placard:

  • $100.00

The following actions may occur:

  • A warrant issued for your arrest.
  • Your vehicle being immobilized.
  • Suspension of your drivers license.
  • Suspension of the vehicle tags.
  • A combination of any or all of the above.

You may call Parking Enforcement at (501) 371-4528.

The Civil Engineering Division of Public Works is responsible for grading permits. Please call (501) 371-4461 or (501) 371-4817 for more information.

Possibly. However, certain guidelines must be met before development begins. Please call (501) 371-4461 or (501) 371-4817 for more information, or see the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) at

Civil Engineering keeps updated hardcopy floodplain maps from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Floodplain maps within Little Rock can be accessed on the web at Call our office at (501) 371-4461 or (501) 371-4817 for more information.

Public projects include any project that is paid for, at least in part, by the City of Little Rock and intended for public use. Private development includes projects that are funded by a commercial or residential developer and intended for public or private use.

Private development projects must meet certain floodplain and stormwater drainage regulations. There are also other City ordinances regarding rights-of-way, curb and gutter design, sidewalks, driveways, and pavement design that must be met in order to develop property within the City.

If the drainage problem requires routine cleaning or maintenance, call the Operations Service Request Desk at (501) 918-3600 or visit our E-Service web site at to activate a work request.

Civil Engineering can give you information about the status of a public project. Please call (501) 371-4831 for more information.

Civil Engineering's Private Development section can provide you with information about the status of private projects. For more information, contact (501) 371-4831.

Permits are required for clearing land, and/or cutting down more than seven (7) trees in any one (1)-year. There are exemptions for zoning classifications of agriculture, forestry and mining. Exemptions are also made for certain residential properties, depending on lot size and the type of street the property abuts. Contact Civil Engineering at (501) 371-4831 for more information. No tree may be removed from the public right-of-way (area abutting streets) without a permit from Parks & Recreation. Contact the Urban Forester at (501) 374-8733.

Publicly funded projects have an information kiosk within the project's limits providing all appropriate contact names and numbers. If you still have concerns or questions, contact Civil Engineering at (501) 371-4831. Private development construction concerns should initially be referred to the private inspector on-site, but further concerns or questions regarding development permits or regulations may be directed to Civil Engineering's Private Development section at (501) 371-4831.


Civil Engineering coordinates design of publicly funded projects using in-house engineers and contracts with consultants. Questions about public project design should be directed to the Design Engineer at (501) 371-4822.

City-limit maps are continually updated by the Mapping and Graphics section. For current City limit information, please call Mapping and Graphics at (501) 371-4537.

The Adopt-A-Street Program was established in 1994 in an effort to enlist community involvement in keeping our streets and neighborhoods clean and beautiful. Once a street has been adopted, participating groups pick up litter and other trash at least six (6) times per year. Citizens, service organizations, businesses, churches, youth organizations and neighborhood groups qualify to adopt a City street. You can adopt anywhere from three (3) - seven (7) blocks or more! Call the coordinator at (501) 371-4808.

A number of City maps are available for reproduction cost. Contact (501) 371-4537 or (501) 371-4434 for details on available maps and price listings.

Yes. Depending on the particular area of the City, aerial photographs from 1978, 1988, 1990, and 1997 are available. Call (501) 371-4537.


Call the Mapping and Graphics section at 371-4808.


Please call (501) 371-4714 for speakers, informational brochures, displays, or public service announcements relating to Public Works.

Addresses for the City are assigned based on a grid referenced from the intersection of Markham and Main Streets. For more information, please contact the Address Coordinator at (501) 371-4808.


Public Works issues a variety of permits administered by the various divisions of the department. Please refer to the division for the following types of permits:

Civil Engineering: grading permits, floodplain development, land clearing (tree cutting)

Traffic Engineering: Traffic Control Plan (construction within the right-of-way), excavation in the right-of-way, parades, public assemblies and block parties, hauling, house moving, dumpsters temporarily in the street, curb cuts for driveways

If unsure whom to contact, call the Service Request Desk in Public Works Operations at (501) 918-3600.

For Ward meeting agendas, schedules, and locations, please call Civil Engineering at (501) 371-4657 or (501) 371-4714.