Commuter Mentoring - August 28, 2018

We will meet at the Meteor Cafe (1001 Kavanaugh Blvd, Little Rock, AR 72205) at 5:45pm and roll out at 6:00pm.  Experienced commuters will coach newbies.  We will focus on the three skill areas below, but experienced coaches will help overcome any challenges newbies may be having.  We will discuss and decide upon a route comfortable for participants to Rock Town Distillery in SOMA (1201 Main St, Little Rock, AR 72202) and ride there while practicing the skills below.(Fig. 1). 

There are several possible routes to get from the Meteor Cafe to Rock Town Distillery (e.g. Fig. 1).  I would like to ride on some of the 12th St. bike lanes to discuss how to use bike lanes.  Other than that, we can discuss the merits of different routes with the group before we roll out.

At Rock Town Distillery, we will join the monthly BACA social where experienced riders will toast your success and give advise for low-stress bike routes from your home or work.  We will make arrangements for everyone to have a coach back to the Meteor.

Figure 1. 

Tuesday's Ride will focus on three skill areas: