Friendly Driver Program

City of Little Rock Friendly Driver logoTake the course.

Discuss/Promote the course to family and friends.

Get your business/employer, church, or organization to offer the course.

The Friendly Driver Program is a free, 2-hour certification course to help vehicular drivers learn to better navigate bikes, pedestrians, and their associated infrastructure (e.g. bike lanes and crosswalks).

Bicycle safety courses, like LAB's SMART Cycling class, are important to ensure that bike drivers are acting safely and predictably. However, drivers are at fault in about 50% of car vs. bike collisions; our educational outreach has to extend farther. That's what the Friendly Driver Program was created to do.

"But I walk and bike on the street all the time... I already know this stuff...". First, not a single participant has scored 100% on the course pretest. Not a single participant has said after the class that they pretty much knew all of this stuff. I challenge you... yes YOU to be the first.

academic poster discussing the results of the Friendly Driver Program to date
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Second, it's important to get people who don't ride or walk on/along the street to take this course. You can help do that by taking the course and then encouraging your friends, neighbors, co-workers to do the same to help keep you, personally, safer on the streets. You can also be a better advocate for getting your business or organization to host a Friendly Driver course at no cost to them. We'd be happy to bring it to you!