Network Planning

This page contains resources useful in planning a transportation network that includes bicycles and pedestrians.  Some on- and off-street facility guidelines are also contained in some of these resources.

Measuring Multimodal Network Connectivity 2018
This resource focuses on measuring pedestrian and bicycle network connectivity and incorporating connectivity analysis into the transportation planning process.

Bike Network Mapping Idea Book 2016
This guide helps cities and states conceptualize and map a bike transportation system.  Arkansas/Little Rock is represented on pg. 10-11!

Case Studies in Delivering Safe, Comfortable, and Connected Pedestrian and Bicycle Networks 2015
This USDOT/FHWA publication has guidelines grounded in real-world examples.

Incorporating On-Road Bicycle Networks Into Resurfacing Projects 2015
Considering the City of Little Rock's strategy of launching bike network segments primarily during road resurfacing projects, this is a must-read.

Achieving Multimodal Networks 2016
One of the challenges of installing quality bicycle and pedestrian facilities is that it must be done in the context of an already existing street system primarily created for automobiles.  This USDOT/FHWA publication guides the transition from the existing to the desired built environment.

Strategic Agenda for Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation 2016
This USDOT/FHWA resource discusses why BikePed transportation is in our national interests, current trends, and future opportunities.

Guidebook for Developing Pedestrian and Bicycle Performance Measures 2016
Increasing BikePed-friendliness should bring several benefits to our community.  But how can we evaluate if our efforts actually provide the purported benefits?  This guide speaks to measuring these benefits.

Small Town and Rural Multimodal Networks 2016
While the title of this may make it seem not terribly applicable to Little Rock, the design of some of the streets within our city limits could benefit by these FHWA recommendations.

Safe Routes to Parks
The City of Little Rock strives to be a "City in a Park".  Creating a network of parks that included a City park within 1/2 a mile to any residence and created infrastructure that allowed people to walk and bike safely to parks would increase access equity, health, and wellness in our community and be a major step forward in creating a "City in a Park".