UAMS / Capital Avenue Sharrows

Bike lanes will not work on this route. From left to right, 7th St. is too narrow (west of Booker), the Hooper Dr. segment is too short, Shuffield Dr. is too narrow (in part), and the Jack Stephens Dr. segment is too short for bike lanes.  However, this could be an important bicycle connection between Stifft Station and the Zoo/War Memorial Park and an important Midline spur for those willing to ride in the same space as motor vehicles to create a more direct transportation route.

Figure 1.  This intersection is intimidating for someone on foot or on bike.

Where Could Sharrows Be Installed?

Sharrows and wayfinding signage could be installed on Monroe between Zoo Dr. and W. 7th St., on W. 7th St. between Monroe and Hooper Dr., on Hooper Dr. between W. 7th St. and Shuffield Dr., on Shuffield Dr. between Hooper Dr. and Jack Stephens Dr., on Jack Stephens Dr. between Shuffield Dr. and W. Capital Ave., on W. Capital Ave. between Jack Stephens Dr. and Woodrow, on S. Valentine St. between Capital Ave. and W. 7th St, on W. 7th St. between S. Valentine St. and S. Woodrow St., and on S. Booker St. between W. Capital Ave. and W. 7th St.