Civil Engineering Division

Civil Engineering oversees design and construction of the City's infrastructure as well as providing information to the public and other city departments. Infrastructure includes streets, subdivisions, stormwater drainage facilities, and other capital improvements. Civil Engineering is divided into three (3) sections: 1) public projects; 2) private development; and 3) special programs.


Civil Engineering offices are in the Public Works administration building located at 701 West Markham Street, Little Rock, Arkansas, 72201. Office hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Public Projects Section

Public projects include streets, drainage, and other public facilities (exclusive of buildings) paid for by the City of Little Rock or other public funds and intended for public use. Sources of funding for public projects are capital improvement funds, Federal Transportation Improvement Funds, and Community Development Block Grants.

Private consultants or in-house personnel design publicly funded projects within the City. In addition to project design, this team is also responsible for bidding projects for construction.

A kiosk, or informational board

Another team is responsible for insuring the project is constructed as designed and in a timely manner. Public Works personnel are usually on-site, and any questions or concerns about construction should be directed to those persons.

A kiosk, or informational board, is placed at each public project site to provide a brief project description, estimated timetable, funding sources and appropriate contact information.

Franchise permits are issued for private use of public property such as parking pads and irrigation sprinklers in the public right-of-way. These may be granted in exceptional cases. Other work within the public right-of-way is generally permitted through Traffic Engineering, especially if work involved requires a Traffic Control Plan (see Traffic Engineering Division).

For more details regarding the City of Little Rock's project designs and plans, please follow this link to the City of Little Rock Plan Development and Project Design Guidelines 2018.

For Civil Engineering applications, details and manuals, please follow this link: Applications, Details and Manuals.

Sales Tax and Bond Projects by Wards 2013 - 2015

Sales Tax Projects by Wards 2016 - 2018

Sales Tax and Bond Projects by Wards 2019 - 2021

Utility Coordination

Private Development Section

Private Development Section

Private development includes projects funded by private commercial or residential developers with no public funds. Civil Engineering's Private Development Section is responsible for reviewing and approving all development plans and construction to ensure compliance with applicable city ordinances, including those related to floodplain development, stormwater management, boundary street improvements and land alteration. Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment agenda items are reviewed by the engineering team in Private Development, as are building permit applications. Private commercial or residential construction projects are subject to Civil Engineering inspections. Additionally, Civil Engineering is responsible for supervision of drainage, sidewalks, and street improvements within right-of-way abutting commercial and residential developments, and public projects. Civil Engineering maintains an information database which tracks citizen requests and concerns, and assists investigations determining need for infrastructure improvement.

Stormwater Management

Private Development SectionThe City of Little Rock’s Stormwater Management Program is a comprehensive program consisting of various program elements and activities designed to reduce pollutants to the Maximum Extent Practicable (MEP) and eliminate prohibited non-stormwater discharges through a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) municipal stormwater discharge permit. 

Stormwater management refers to the development of programs and policies that preserve, enhance, or control the quality of stormwater runoff, reduce erosion, and prevent flooding. Our mission is to educate the public, and businesses (construction and other industries) on storm water pollution prevention related issues and permitting requirements respective to protecting our creeks, rivers, and lakes to improve our lifestyle, natural environment, and water resource use.

In addition, the Program includes enforcement inspections to ensure compliance with Federal, State, and local storm water regulations as well as water sampling to detect and correct water pollution in Little Rocks’ creeks, rivers, and lakes.

The following helpful links are provided for more information on stormwater management:

The City of Little Rock's Existing Stormwater Interactive Web Mapping Application
Laws & Regulations regarding the - EPA’s Clean Water Act
NPDES permit requirements -  Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ)
Information for proper disposal of household hazardous waste and motor vehicle fluid
Pulaski County Regional Solid Waste Management District (PCRSWMD) 
AHTD's stormwater management program - Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) 

Links to Little Rock’s stormwater management brochures:

Commercial construction --- Residential construction --- Household hazardous waste

Floodplain Management

In addition, the Division provides oversight for the Flood Insurance Program including development permits for construction on floodplain properties, and excavation and erosion controls for projects within the City of Little Rock.  The Division provides the public with assistance reading Flood Insurance Rate Maps and information about the National Flood Insurance Program. Floodplain maps within Little Rock can be accessed on the web at LR_Flood_Zone_Viewer.  For questions about floodplain regulations or floodplain development, you may contact the City of Little Rock Floodplain Administrator at (501)-918-5348.  Additional information about the National Flood Insurance Program can be found at

FIRM Special Study 2019

Special Programs Section

The Special Programs Section of Public Works is primarily responsible for providing information to citizens, other divisions of Public Works, and other City Departments. Special Programs includes Mapping & Graphics, Geographic Information Services, and Public Information.

Mapping & Graphics

Mapping & Graphics maintains up-to-date maps of the City of Little Rock. These maps include, but are not limited to, information on City limits, the City street system, subdivision properties, annexation, and capital improvement projects.

Mapping & Graphics also has responsibility for street address assignments. Addresses are assigned to new buildings based on a grid, referenced from the intersection of Markham and Main Streets in downtown Little Rock. Correct address assignment is crucial for delivery of 911 services.


Mapping & Graphics administers the Adopt-A-Street Program in partnership with Keep Little Rock Beautiful (KLRB).  Adopt-A-Street is a program in which neighborhoods, businesses, or individuals can "adopt" a street and pledge to keep streets clean by picking up litter along their adopted street at least six (6) times a year.  As of December 2016, we have 198 organizations with 147.3 miles of adopted streets.  The Adopt-A-Street Program has many available streets for adoption and provides a valuable service for our community, affording a great opportunity for citizen and group involvement.  This type of opportunity promotes a sense of civic pride as they become active participants in the effort to make Little Rock a beautiful city we can all enjoy.  To join the Adopt-A-Street Program please complete the online application and email it to: 


Geographic Information Services (GIS)

GIS provides geographical representation of data in the City of Little Rock with a computer mapping system. GIS uses a graphical database representing most features that can be seen in aerial photography. This is used with other records and databases containing information about such things as the City's demographics, locations of various buildings, Police and Fire districts, and infrastructure for mapping and analysis related to needs of the City of Little Rock.

Much of this information is now easily accessible through Online Web Based Applications from the following link to the main page.  Applications such as these bring a great deal of information straight to the Citizens of Little Rock in an interactive format which if fairly simple to navigate.


GIS has proven to be a useful management tool and allows Public Works to easily produce a large quantity of specialized information about the City of Little Rock. Public Works is a founding member of PAGIS, the Pulaski Area Geographic Information System, a countywide consortium with mutual interests in operation of a GIS.

PAGIS has many useful online interactive mapping applications on their website.


Some of these are Land Ownership, Water and Waste Water Utilities, Flood Mapping, Parks and Trail Systems, and the new Storm Water System Application.

Public Information

Special Programs coordinates public information programs for the Public Works Department. Information about Public Works services is disseminated to citizens and community groups facilitating a better understanding of Public Works, and encouraging citizens to use the wealth of resources the Department has to offer. Brochures and informational packets, both in printed form and online, are a few of the tools used for customer relations and public information.

Historical Information

Our Historical City

Original City Historical Firsts Illustrated

Things You Should Know...

Civil Engineering is divided into three (3) Divisions:
Public Projects
Private Development
Special Programs

 Public Projects

  • Street resurfacing is planned according to need and the availability of funding. Streets meeting improvement criteria will be scheduled for resurfacing with the Public Works Operations Division as funds become available.

  • Requests to have potholes filled, or ditches and inlets cleaned, or for drainage and flooding issues please call our non-emergency number (3-1-1) to make your service request.

  • Questions about construction of public projects can be directed to the City Inspector at the construction site or to the Civil Engineering Program Engineer. Other appropriate contacts and project specific information can be found on the kiosk at the project site.

  • For questions about proposed public projects or projects currently under design, please contact Civil Engineering's Public Projects Engineer.

  • Questions or concerns about right-of-way widths may be referred to our Land Surveyor.

Private Development Projects

  • The City facilitates reporting of illegal stormwater discharges and improper disposal through the City of Little Rock's non-emergency number (3-1-1). Potential impacts on water quality are referred to and investigated by Civil Engineering.

  • Private Development provides information concerning applicable construction regulations or permits for private development. Concerns or questions regarding construction of private development projects should initially be directed to the developer or the private inspector on site.

  • Drainage facilities are subject to certain City standards. If you have questions regarding storm drainage regulations, please contact the Environmental Engineer.

  • Subdivisions must be developed in accordance with floodplain, land alteration and stormwater management ordinances, and approved street and drainage plans.

  • Special regulations apply to areas within the floodplain. For information, call the Environmental Engineer at (501) 371-4461 or (501) 371-4817.

  • A Flood Hazard Area Development Permit is required prior to any development within the floodplain. Call the Environmental Engineer to obtain a permit application and information.

Special Programs

  • Special Programs has a number of useful maps for sale at reproduction cost, including city limits maps, aerial photographs, and special purpose maps in hard-copy or digital form. Prices vary with product purchased.
  • The Street Index Book is useful for locating any City street within Little Rock. The book is revised annually and currently costs $7.00.

For More Information

Mike Hood, P.E., Manager
Civil Engineering Division
701 West Markham Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
Office: (501) 371-4811
Fax: (501) 371-4460

For General Public Works Service Requests

Public Works Service Requests and other general information, please call the City's non-emergency number 3-1-1.  You may also access 311 through the Citizen Portal directly online.

Contact Numbers

Civil Engineering/Division Manager
701 West Markham Street 72201
(501) 371-4811
Address Verification & City Limits (501) 371-4537
Adopt-A-Street (501) 371-4537
Floodplain/Stormwater Management (501) 918-5348
Grading Permits & Land Alteration (501) 918-5348
Mapping & Graphics (501) 371-4537
Private Development Projects (501) 371-4817
Public Improvement Projects (501) 371-4822
Special Programs (501) 371-4714