Economic Incentive Package

Revitalization of underserved areas is a part of the foundation of the Scott Administration. In September of 2020, leaders of Central Arkansas Water (CAW), Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority (LRWRA) and UA Little Rock joined business owners and Mayor Frank Scott, Jr. to announce a plan for revitalization of the Asher Ave. corridor and the Plaza Shopping Center, as well as the first-ever incentive package for areas south of Interstate 630 and east of Interstate 30.

The City of Little Rock’s plans target property along Asher Ave., from Woodrow St. to University Ave., for redevelopment or demolition.

Intentionality is at the root of this effort to develop a plan to help move our residents from disconnected to connected. In announcing the incentive package for areas south of I-630/east of I-30, Mayor Scott called it a “game changer… a first step, to spur on economic development along Asher and in other areas that have been neglected for decades.”

The City of Little Rock will waive the following fees: Building Permit Fee; Building Plan Review Fee; Electrical Permit Fee; Plumbing Permit Fee; and Heating/Air Mechanical Permit Fee. CAW will waive residential service activation and reconnection fees as well as meter installation fees and provide discounts to commercial developers on service connection, meter installation, plan review, and construction inspection fees. LRWA will waive connection, inspection, and sewer seal fees for both residential and commercial property owners and additionally street excavation for residential owners.

UA Little Rock, which owns several properties including the Plaza Shopping Center, announced plans for redevelopment of this Asher-University anchor. It currently houses various university departments and units, including public radio stations KUAR and KLRE. Drale stated the university’s potential plans include retail, restaurant, and a variety of other cultural activities alongside campus needs.